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  1. I'm considering buying an Acura Integra or RSX for my next daily driver. !
  2. I'm a bit late, but welcome, and I absolutely ADORE your '95. I had to take a snap shot of one of the pics to show my boyfriend, as your car is right up his alley I'm originally from Manhattan, though I moved out here to TN in '09.
  3. Haha cute! I just made an appointment for our Land Rover to get a new windshield just in time for the snow falls, but we desperately need new tires... Was the Cavalier hit from the side? And like the others have said, the rims don't look bad on Xena!
  4. nice pics! and love the car
  5. june 10th passed, i haven't seen this sooner and regret not, haha. entries are closed i'm assuming? and that bowler shirt is awesome, even though it's mainly only cool for men hah.
  6. i want!! absolutely gorgeous loving the wheels, too. the memorial for your father is a nice touch
  7. i'm thinking that's probably more than likely, which isn't too big of a deal, i guess.
  8. thanks for the comment on the photography, i've been practicing for about a year with this dslr i got a friend and i were discussing the idea of scoring a parts car, and if i could get my hands on a wrecked gto that had surviving brakes and an engine for a good price, and a place to keep it (my mom would probably kick me out if i had a wrecked car in the garage), i'd get it. though right now i may have access to '02 trans am ws6 brakes. i just need to do my research as far as what the patterns and how to retro fit them and everything like that. luckily my buddy is super handy with this
  9. Yeah, deep dish would be nice. I'm no sure what type of wheels I want to go with, but definitely will want deep wide tires in the back. Joe, that's a really good way to put it, thank you
  10. Thank you everyone for the kind words on the 'bird, I really appreciate it Haha, Chaos, I'm doing so A buddy of mine may be giving me some WS6 brakes I need to see if we can retro fit to put on this summer, but sadly if I do that I think I have to part ways with those rally II wheels Suspension work and a new carburetor & intake will follow. I just am not sure which type of carb to go with.
  11. thanks you guys the car has grown more and more on me as to how it looks, to the point where i don't want to change it haha. slowly working on everything, i think i'm going to stick with performance upgrades for now mostly luxury items like disc brakes, hah.
  12. Changed the spark plugs, cleaned the carb, car had some play time. Please excuse the smoke in the revving shot, have fuel and carb cleaner all up in there and some pics: Light wiring needs to be fixed, though the reverse, head lamp and high beams work. EDIT: Added some more
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