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  1. Still have a few more things i want to order...ill keep updating
  2. TCE Fittings - Aeromotive FPR - Racetronix FP
  3. My other Fuel Pressure Regulator took a crap, thats why i ended up getting a new one, but as for the car, it still is for sale, but im going to sell it whole. I'll be driving around with a for sale sign in the window until it sells i guess, i would like to keep car, parents said if i sell it and give them the money i can go get whatever i want so i maybe take that offer up, but i just want to hit 12s so badly.
  4. Been awhile since I've been on here, but a few updates I would like to announce. -LS6 Springs Installed -Racetronix Fuel Pump - Says it will be here tomorrow -Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (30-70psi) - Waiting on Fittings from MPR to install -Few others but I can't think of them right now Had rebuilt the engine in the GA, Still have the built transmission, My goal for this year is to hit 12's. I will have further pics and updates as I receive and put stuff on. I actually have the motor completely together for the most part, UIM is off waiting for fuel rail fittings but othe
  5. exactly, all my instructers were pretty biased on software and how things were done in order. They all teach you something different its bullshit. And one of them didnt know they're ass from a hole in the ground.
  6. I actually went to school for Internet/Network Engineering, got kicked out for medical reasons, i wasn't allowed to go to class while on oxycotton or percaset after my surgery, so they removed me because of bad attendance, FORD BTI. its a joke, dont recommend anyone going there. So now I'm either gonna go for business management or law enforcement.
  7. Oh, after screaming at my dogs when I woke up the day after, I think i set them straight lmfao... i was like u motherf***ers better bark ur asses off if u see someone outside hahahahha
  8. Last night... what a night... Dogs were doing there job... They were going nuts, and this time i looked out the window, seen a guy wearing all black... was seeing what he was doing, walked passed neighbors cobalt, walked in they're yard up toward they're pine trees beside the house.. lost him after that.. ran told my dad while i was getting dressed to get ready to chase someone down lol.. mom said just call the cops so we did... while we were calling the cops, he came around and went walking past the cobalt again... this time just walking the whole way down the road... someone pulled in and dr
  9. just a bunch of pocket change, and some cash... not a big loss... cop said they didnt even steal the neighbors GPS they just took all the money, seems like someone was feening for some drugs and needed cash asap.
  10. Well this morning my dad went out to the car to start it up before work... noticed glove box was open, immediatly checked the truck, glove box open, checked my car, didnt get in... the buick/silverado has mud all over the inside from them. my mom called the cops, the cop was already sitting in our development, he said just about everyone around here got hit including my grandparents, my grandma literally seen them wearing black hoodies taking stuff out, he said they were targeting money, from cash to pocket change. One of the people down the road had a GPS and they didnt touch it, just took th
  11. I'll get some pics of GA tomarrow if its nice out... but for now, ON MY WAY TO CAMPUS!!! Penn state unversity FTW party FTW
  12. yeah i just wanna get lightweight front wide drag rims or any rim and put a DR on it or something street worthy i hate boost just because of the fact id go through tires after like 3k miles
  13. Been trying to find about 8.5" - 9" wide rims cant find any nor do i think they will fit.
  14. Traction, is there even a word for explaining this... none at all... even from 60 rolls.. I was running some very expensive front tires before and they seemed to grab a lot better than ones i got on now.. but if it grabs my torque steer is redonculous.
  15. positive its in the 300s... but never been dyno'd
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