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  1. nice job on fixing that up. can't wait to see it with the kit on. when will it be ready?
  2. haha ga's are taking over. welcome fabs
  3. haha good i wouldn't keep the tv in there. if anything, i'd get a small tv to that you can fiberglass into there that would never be removable or able to take out. but haha my 2 subs and amp were 800 and i've bought wood and all the fiberglass materials haha
  4. nice specs. what type of turbo is it?
  5. it should be designed about 3-4 inches high and 12 inches wide.. not rectangular but have some curves and stuff in it too
  6. i'm in the process lol.. i have like the bottom base and sides down for the perfect fit and shape, but i kinda have to wait as my car sits in a freezing 30 degree garage can't relly fiberglass till it gets warmer.. but i have the sub cut outs and the amp cutout done and ready, just gotta get some dowel rods and mount it all. once all that is ready i can fiberglass it get it goin. and i also have to figure out where to ground my amp since it's only supposed to be 3 feet away... lol that's gonna be tough.
  7. good idea on keeping it hidden makes it look stock and keeps peoples eyes and crazy ideas away.
  8. haha thanks again. car is not boosted.. but i do have 2 batteries being mounted in the rear for future applications . front windows are 35% and rears are 15%. illinois law changed so i have back windows out and i'm gonna get them all to be 35%.
  9. that turned out very clean. i'll be posting pics in a few months when my fiberglass setup is done as well.
  10. what size rims you lookin for ? i have a set i'm itchin to get rid of haha
  11. haha thanks guys. car is a little different from them pics cause i changed a few things, but you get the picture
  12. well i've had my ga since brand new in 2003, but i bought a beater. 1994 geo metro. this is a pic from when it broke down on me and my buddy and i for some reason had a for sale sign in the car not sure how, but it broke down and we put the sign in the window and walked away. that car is history. and then my 03 gagt
  13. yeah i got a few old ones.. and some of my work in progress this winter. enjoy.
  14. well names nick i drive a 2003 GAGT. looking forward to this
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