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  1. i voted yes. but go with vinyl.. and if you don't trust yourself to do it good w/o bubbles, take it to a window tint shop.
  2. nice pics.. and yeah i'm sick of 20 degree weather with snow and ice...
  3. haha purple would be awesome. i'm sure they make it might only find it online or auto parts storem ight have to special order that color.. basic colors are red blue black silver yellow, etc.
  4. burgett2103

    50s? Serious?

    LOL. i didn't even click i just saw the heading.. cutlass on 50" wheels hahaha wow. FTMFW!!! hehahahahaah
  5. where is mattoon exactly? i'm like an hour and a half southwest of chicago... so might be a possibility!!
  6. shit, i'd get the kit then get the same hood as in that first pic or, i'd do exhaust and more motor work before a body kit
  7. yes, you are right saints 27 colts 24 Nick.
  8. ssracer where did you get the white speedo gauges?
  9. i was in the tampa area during the first week of january..
  10. looks good. you have the same tint percentages as i do and i'm also putting an arrow on my rear window with a 6" black lip on the front windshield.
  11. i installed a single 12" pioneer with one of them sealed boxes in my buddy's truck both from walmart and it sounds pretty good.
  12. haha i know right. i would love to find a salvage supra to redo and build.
  13. haha oh yeah wii would be awesome playing at car shows and what not. that would be a fun time
  14. hbaha man theres no way i could wait until may to drive. mine is only stored and i can't even wait to drive it until end of march
  15. haha this is like grandamgt all over again
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