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  1. That's the one, I should of posted the entire link to make it easier to find. 301 4 barrels are becoming harder to find, probably won't last long.
  2. There is a guy on Louisville Craigslist with a 301 4 barrel intake for sale, post ID number 7329444771. He is willing to ship, he is a straight up fella. I know that the intake is in good shape, I traded it to him. His phone number is in the post.
  3. I had 2.41 gears, now running 3.23's. Got a rear end, rebuilt it and then installed it. That way car was only tore apart for 3-4 hours. Acceleration is much better and still cruise on the highway without revving it to high.
  4. Is the carb that's on it a dual jet? If it is, that funky spacer/adapter is still on a 2 barrel intake. Not sure what the purpose was for doing this instead of just having a normal 2 barrel carb on it. If it is a 4 barrel intake with a 2 barrel adapter then that saves you the hassle of finding a 301 4 barrel intake. The 4 barrel doesn't make a big difference performance wise. On my 77 Grand Prix 2 1/4 dual exhaust and rear gears made a bigger difference.
  5. Mostly street. I have more experience with quadrajet. I have a drop base air cleaner from Butler, original plan was a RPM intake and the 750 DP. The holley 750, my dad modified and rebuilt it before he passed, it would be cool to have something he built on my car.
  6. Pontiac did make a 4 barrel for the 301. Message me, I can help you out
  7. Looking for advice on intake & carb options. The car is a 1980 Trans Am, 3.23 posi, 400 TH, shift kit, 2200-2500 converter. New front and rear suspension, all stock with polyurethane bushings. Hooker Super comp 1 7/8 primary tubes, 3" pipes with X pipe, jegs mufflers. Frames tied, A/C deleted. The ENGINE is a pontiac 400, flat top 4 valve relief pistons (8cc), m54s oil pump with hardened shaft, Lunati bracket master 2 cam - advertised 292* duration - .490 lift - 110 LSA matching lifters, comp push rods, 9 keyway summit double roller chain & gear, baffled oil pan - no Windage tray, Summit distributor with adjustable advance and recurve kit - used 1 light & 1 medium spring. Be Cool radiator and 160* thermostat, Flow Kooler water pump, SS backing plate - massaged to tighten gap to impeller. Gonna use Evans waterless coolant. HEADS #13, hardened valve seats, SS Ferrea valves, 3 angle valve job, mild port work, gasket matched, push rod holes elongated, new guide plates, Lunati springs. Intake & carb choices (Parts that I have) INTAKES - iron intakes with & without EGR, 71 aluminum 455 HO (no heat crossover), Performer, Torker 2, Hurricane (chinese). CARBS - Edelbrock 600 & 750, Carter 650, Holley 750 DP, a dozen qjets. SPACERS 1/2" and 1" for square & spreadbore. I will be separating coolant crossover on whichever intake I use for no mess intake swaps. My question is best intake & carb combo for my car, my head says a Performer RPM. If I can get similar performance with combination of the parts I have that would be great. Been a long journey building my car, so close to being able to drive it now. Long post, I wanted to include all info so I can get the best answers. Input & suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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