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  1. I'd like to provide a quick update. The motor mounts and the transmission mount have been replace. The rubber mounts were totally cracked as they were original. As a result the vibration is completely gone and it drives like new. Thanks again for the excellent direction. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for all the great advice. I really appreciate it. The shop said that the universal joints were good and the drive shaft looked good. I need to get a confirmation that the drive shaft balance weights were still there. Thanks for the recommendation on rubber vs poly. New rubber engine mounts and transmission mount are on order. I am hoping that work is done by the end of the week. As soon as it's done I'll post an update. Thanks again. I've attached some resent pics.
  3. I've found out that my motor mount and my manual transmission mount are both old cracking rubber. That could be where my vibration is coming from so I plan to replace those. Now the debate is rubber or poly. Since I'm on a quest to reduce vibration I am thinking of rubber but could use some advice.
  4. I'd say yes those are definitely a possibility. I assume the driveshaft balance weights can just fall off over time. Sounds like those weren't on there very securely any how. Also rebalancing the drive shaft seems like an relatively inexpensive test. The pinion angles could be off as well. I've had the car since 86 and it has almost 30k miles on it. My cousin bought it new. All are good ideas for what to cross off the list. I guess it's hard to determine the exact fix but more a process of elimination.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. The vibration seems to be the worst at around 50 mph. It's noticeable at lower and higher speeds but seems to be at it's max around 50mph. When the vehicle is stationary I do not notice the vibration in the pedals. When up to speed I've pushed in the clutch and the vibration is still there. At max vibration it's noticeable in the rear view mirror. I've replaced bushings to include, upper/lower control arms, front/back sway bars, new upper/lower ball joints. Once I replaced the body mount bushings I noticed the vibration much more. I feel it in the gas pedal as well as in the Hurst shifter. Prior to replacing the body mounts the vibration was not as noticeable. Prior to replacing the body mounts I would notice the vibration at about 55 mph and only until I hit 60 mph. Replacing the body mounts seems to have magnified the vibration. I expected some of that but I am concerned there's something wrong vs just more feedback from the engine as a result of poly bushings. I believe the vibration is coming from the transmission forward. Any engine mount bushings or transmission support bushings would be original. The harmonic balancer is also original. Other than those three things I am not sure what else it could be. I have also had it aligned and the wheels balanced.
  6. I've tightened up a lot of my suspension including body mounts. Now I notice vibration that continues even when I push in the clutch. My 77 Trans Am has low miles. I am considering replacing the harmonic balancer since it is probably original. Has anyone else done this and experienced a noticeable benefit? I am also going to look at engine and transmission mounts. Engine and transmission mounts would also be original.
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