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  1. @Kiwi I don't know about some chic but at 48 my wife already says my felt isn't what it used to be...🤣🤣🤣
  2. You guys were right. A couple screws hiding under the felt. I didn't want to look there because felt looked good but as soon as I pulled it down to get to the screws it tore... on both sides of the car. I'm being a tight ass but I've worked on cars with my dad my whole life... I know it's gunna cost me money. I don't know what I was thinking...hahahahaha Thanks again
  3. Oh hell man... Sorry to hear everything that happened. It's nice to see that you have something you love to keep you busy and happy. Keep working on that monster of yours and you're in my prayers...
  4. Hey everyone... So after selling my LeMans in February I couldn't handle not having a car in the garage. I got hold of a friend that's a Mopar guy but had a 67 GTO sitting in his garage that belonged to his late father. Well long story short... he knew I'm a Pontiac misfit and said his dad would be proud to let me buy his car so...BAM!!! I now own my dream car... I almost have it all apart to get it blasted but I can't figure out how to remove this piece of chrome. Anyone have the trick I need?
  5. 66 GTO sooner or later... Probably much later then sooner...🤣🤣🤣
  6. Got the PHS and it showed up as a bucket seat with a 3 speed auto floor shifter. I don't get it but .... On to finding my 66 GTO... Someday...
  7. Hey Pontiac Misfits.... Ended up getting the PHS on the LeMans. It was a bucket seat with a 3 speed auto on the floor. I don't understand why the guy I bought it from would bench and steering column shifter?... To each their own I guess... Thanks for all the compliments and I guess "ON TO THE NEXT ONE"...
  8. That's what happens when your first motorcycle is a 1800cc Bully...hahahaha🤣🤣
  9. Hello fellow Pontiac misfits, I'm Chris live in the Pacific-Northwest and been a Pontiac guy since I was driven around in my dad's 66 GTO when I was born and my mom's 73 Grand Prix til mid 80's when they sold it to by an ASTRO van...LOL... My first car was a 68 Firebird. (that I sold) I've been through my share of different Pontiac from a few 93-94 GP's, An 82 TA, and still have a 67 LeMans(up for sale)... Still looking for my Unicorn... 66 GTO to call my own... Can't wait to learn some new stuff and look at some cool cars on here... See you guys around Big Chris...
  10. Hello All, I'm looking for a little knowledge on my LeMans. I have it up for sell but I'm not sure how much to ask for. It's in good shape, very little rust and mostly has all chrome. The part that gets me is that it has bolts for bucket seats and a whole in the tunnel but has a bench front seat and column shifter... So this is where I'm lost. Did they make a bucket seat, floor shifter 1967 LeMans? How many did they make? What should I ask for it?
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