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  1. Nope, the 3800 fits just fine without any frame/body mods. This car had the wide body kit on it when I got it. Back then it had an iron duke in it with 90hp. Now I’m in the 280hp range.
  2. Put together another YouTube video. Show the melted wiring and go through the parts that came with it. Still haven’t found the keys...
  3. Got it back out for the spring/summer. 3800 Supercharged engine swap. It’s a fun unit!
  4. It could have been a lot worse. Now it’s time to get the dash out and figure out what parts I need to find. I know the left dash speaker and speaker grill are melted too. I really want to save this car and put it back to 100%!
  5. Took the dash trim, gauge cluster and climate control our tonight to get a better look behind the dash. Whatever wiring was close to the firewall is melted. The gauge cluster, light switch, wiper switch, climate control head and radio all seem fine. Luckily none of it went up into flames or the car would have been gone. So now I need to find an interior harness. Also have to take the gauge cluster apart to clean things up and clean the soot from the face. Also have to try to figure out how to clean the trim.
  6. I’ve wanted to go to all of those. Had plans for the Pontiac nationals last year with my Fiero but Covid happened instead. Sure hope this year is better.
  7. The recaros are in great shape. Thank you for all the info! I ordered a catalog from classics industries and I’ll have to check out National Parts Depot. We go to Canton a few times a year to visit friends.
  8. I’ll check it out! Thanks. I also made a walk around video of the car and put it on my YouTube channel:
  9. Picked this car up over the weekend. It’s been sitting in a barn for at least 15 years. Had an engine fire 20 years ago so everything forward of the firewall is gone. Rust free car and the interior is in good shape. The engine is numbers matching and was rebuilt so I’m told. I thought this was just a turbo trans am but after finding the build sheet I learned it’s a Daytona pace car,Y85 code. Does anyone have one of these cars that could take some detailed photos of the engine compartment so I can see what goes where and figure out what’s missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this
  10. I hope Covid comes to an end soon. There are so many car shows and events I want to go to. Want to find out what the 3800 supercharged swap runs in the 1/4 mile too.
  11. Hi Everyone! My name is James and I'm from Michigan. I have 3 Fires. I have a 1988 Fiero coupe with a turbo 4 cylinder engine swap, 84 Fiero SE with a DGP wide body kit and a 3800 Supercharged engine swap and I have a 84 Indy Fiero restoration project. Im also picking up a new project soon. It's a 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans AM. It will also be a restoration project. It had an engine fire years ago and needs to be put back together. Just wanted to say hello!
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