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  1. Only crappy vid of mine: http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b247/DrF...nt=DSCN0224.flv Sounds just like this though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge0Sutagl5o
  2. Just take your time, use light coats, make sure to give it time to dry.
  3. I've always wanted a bonny like that in dark green, mod the crap out of the motor and turn it into a beast... but leave the outside totally stock, including the awesome gold wheels
  4. I always am changing cars, despite having a GA for the last 6 years. I almost sold the Focus to buy another GA, but decided against it. I'm still looking for a Fiero to have as a 3rd car.
  5. Am I the only one that's had 863403 cars?
  6. S&S headers, S&S high flow cat, SLP cat-back. The SLP catback is no longer made (nor the headers, actually), but I'm sure you can get a SLP muffler.
  7. Just curious as to what engines everyone has had in their previous/current cars. Previously: 83 Oldsmobile 307 5.0 V8 83 Ford 302 5.0 V8 90 GMC L30 5.0 V8 93 Ford 4.9 I6 01 Pontiac LD9 2.4 I4 03 Mazda MZI 3.0 V6 Currently: 02 Ford Zetec 2.0 I4 01 Pontiac LA1 3.4 V6
  8. I've always liked white 4 door G6s
  9. This is probably going to be a bad idea. http://www.facebook.com/matthew.headla
  10. I've run several different setups on GA's, and I don't know if I've ever thrown a light because of exhaust. Personally, with the V6, I would go with a high flow cat and no resonator. I ran that setup on my 2.4 for a while, but it was a little loud, so I added a resonator. My GT doesn't have a res, but with the headers, its still pretty loud. Many people think that it sounds better to have the res if you're running headers, but its personal opinion. If you want a quick soundclip of my GT, let me know, I can throw one up.
  11. Me with my oversized cat Halloween 09... I'm Lt Dangle, in case you couldn't figure out which one was me
  12. Nice! Pretty pissed that its warm enough for you to be at a show right now, though
  13. I drove for years without a plate on my front with no problem. Got ticketed twice parked IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE for it. Needless to say, I leave it on for DDing
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