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  1. If you have a manual transmission you have more torque per gear, you don't lose as much power through the drive train as you do with an automatic. What you just said up there doesn't support your theory of an auto being faster then a trans it supports an auto trans driver being faster then a person with a manual transmisson driver that can't shift worth shit. Why do you think most people that race their cars are stick? They are cocky enough to think they can shift exactly right, or they can actually shift exactly right. Because Mans is faster. Not including anything about the drive
  2. LOL, Since when is auto faster? If you know how to drive a man.
  3. I want a porn shot of my GTO in my sig D:< Mother fuckers! I'm too lazy. Besides that. Look forward to seeing dyno results at the end and more pics.
  4. I've always loved the silver goats. Only 1 problem wrong with it. No manual trans haha. That's okay, mines not either.. Husband couldn't find a manual.. It's a loss in fun driving.
  5. I see a lot of pictures with the wippers up. Asked my husband whose from chicago why that is, he explained so it doesn't freeze to the windsheild. We rarely have snow here, that's a whole new thing to me Nice pics.
  6. The LS6 intake mani has bigger ports so it lets in more air. At the moment you're correct. The car is all set up and ready for cam, that's the last thing it needs. And spray.
  7. Mods List: Full exhaust Headers > Push rods < Vaulve Springs < Tuned ECM Bigger injectors 3200 stall torque converter Dry sump Billet fuel rail Bigger throttlebody LS6 intake manifold 3.73 rear gears One peice aluminum drive shaft Patriot heads JE pistons Forged crank Built 4L60E Shift Kit K&N intake Full MSD ignition Drag bags War Paint Drag slicks , Ect. If I remember anything else I'll update. Stock sticker + 5HP
  8. No, not a club, just an imatation car owner wanting to be my husband.
  9. Offer a deal? To a local mehcanic's shop or auto supply store, that if they have customers with auto questions they could come here and find soild CORRECT answers, have qualifyed mods run a part of the site that's for advice only. So that way the people in the shop can get idiot's with dumb over asked questions off their backs and in return they could do a little sponsering? You'd have to screen the people giving advice and the places would have to know you're not trying to take thier buisness. Long shot, but Idk.
  10. *thumbs up* Actually a decent make of an old car.
  11. If I can figure out how to post them, haha
  12. Before my Pontiac was another Pontiac. >> Before that I was rockin' Lambofeeties.
  13. Name's Kris I drive an 04 GTO with mods. Long list, dyno RWHP 465. Beast. Red. First car was a 1993 Pontiac Grand am, bought it at an auction lot's of problems. But alas still love Pontiac.
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