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  1. by the way I know I posted some camaros but big fan Of Pontiac and firebirds- my next build! lol too funny usually Port Huron..I used visit a very close friend in Arkansas but crossed there often and no unfortunately not dream cruise- next year!
  2. thank you! just an amateur but not afraid to get hands dirty and stubborn enough to finish...dont do paint... love cars ...done a few..
  3. my baby...need my firebird In the family...
  4. thank you have a couple more...
  5. it's one of mine not a Pontiac but built myself and now doing 67 fbird. I am finalizing my friends 67gto and moving to the new project. does anyone have production numbers on 67fbird 400 4spd with 433 rear end? its champagne which is I think pretty rare. I think it's an early production car from April 67 #3609?
  6. thanks! a lot of time but almost there!
  7. I am building this 67 gto for a friend- getting there! I really like the early gtos and I have a 64 next..but this 67 firebird has my attention..its got some interesting aspects to it
  8. hey guys digging out some pictures I have a question regarding my 400 4 sp. fbird seems pretty rare its def 4sp and dual traction arm rear end its champagne in color s-s ( I think not common ) and hood tach car, but how many 433 rear ends production? I'm checking this now as I am restoring it. its pretty cool and super condition. the motor has 670 heads but this is very early production car..the car is apart but have just about all I need
  9. hey everyone I have 67 firebird 400 4sp restoring.. does anyone know how many came with 433 rear end? I believe it's a UV code...thanks!
  10. I have a 1967 Firebird 400 4sp and currently restoring. Looking for advice. Thank you
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