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  1. Its a little slow in this corner, isnt it.
  2. i've ran my vin in the compnine vin decoder but all i get is the 3 letter paint code and it was the same code for different colors for all different years. I'll see if i can get numbers for you.
  3. I applause GM for that one....they paid us back and everything is on its way back. I just think that they need to keep building the cars in America not mexico. More toyotas and other imports are actually made in america then domestics.
  4. Welcome....your best bet is to put an SMD LED strip behind the mirror in the housing then hook it into your front blinkers. Thats what im doing unless I come across some 6th gen GP mirrors.
  5. Thanks. Glad to hear everyone thinks it looks great for its year. I'll try to get some closeups of some dings and count how many I can find. However its double digit bellow zero with -30 to -40 wind chills so it might take a day or two.
  6. O yeah were looking at a 28% chance to beat the 40' record in '09. I got a little over 4 weeks of spring break without having to make anything up that spring. I spent about 10 hours a day for 7 days straight throwing sand bags. We shut down the main artery (university ave) throught town from north to south so that way the police could escort semis loaded with palets of sandbags down to the baggers on the south end of town. Its something that i'm going to be doing every year as its kind of fun, and if i get a job up here i'll be pulling 12s in a squad car patroling dikes.
  7. I did forget to mention that every panel on the car is potentially considered totaled by the insurance because there is an average of about 2 quarter size hail dents. Can't tell unless your looking for them but i continue to find more after owning the car since June 8th '08
  8. do you have the same name over there? I think i regongnize it but im not possitive.
  9. It looked great untill late into the summer the fender under the gas fill started bubbling and is now weeks from poping through the paint. Its solid metal under so minor work needed to fix that. Then the other fender just decided to chip about a 1x2" peice of paint off but only the bottom sliver is surface rust the rest is showing bare metal. It will hopefully be fixed this summer. There are 2-3 different spring kits made for the car but my first priority is finding something for a rear sway bar and a 30mm front, then well see about a drop. MN winters can be rough on a droped car. I
  10. Here are some pics I took a couple weeks ago. The car is two toned Factory Purpleish/burgundy and toasted marshmellow by the MN & ND DOT (if you can tell my the paint code I will worship you, since there are 2 colors almost identicle and i can't decifer which is which). That snow pile didn't get there by hand. Part DD, racecar, and snowplow These are from the summer 2010. My J-body HVAC knobs. Cavalier are black and Sunfire are grey like the rest of the dash so i though black lookd bet
  11. My hometown is Park Rapids, however I go to school at M-State (MSCTC, Minnesota State Community & Technical College) Moorhead for Criminal Justice (graduating this spring then going to Alexandria for the 10 week skills) so have an apartment in Fargo, ND just across the mighty Red River. I'll make myself a Photo thread over in the proper section (members rides on GAOC but i noticed it had a different name her I just can't rembmer it ). I just got a kodak digital camera (12MP) for christmas so i've been pic heavy for the past month but my car is ubber dirty and untill it gets out of the ne
  12. Nice find...I've yet to make it to u-pull-r-parts but they look like a great place to get parts. On my next trip down there (im in Park Rapids & Fargo) im hoping to pick up some GP mirrors to retrofit them but who knows when the next time i'll get down there will be.
  13. Well Im Jake from Minnesota and I drive a 1995 Grand Am SE with the 2.3L Quad 4 motor with a 4-speed auto. Im active over on GAOC and quad4forums as well as j-body.org. Upon reading stickies I already reconize Darren "Pontiacgt201" from over on GAOC and I hope this site is just as good as that one over there.
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