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  1. recently bought some holden 3.8L parts from down under! im stoked
  2. have you ever driven a rwd with 550+ whp?.... its no different, other then i dont have to worry about going sideways into a median or wall, torque steer is minimal as everything is solild, theres no movement, and both tires will spin at even 40mph if i want without a lsd, it really distributes the power nicely
  3. the getrag is stock, i never got it to the track last year, but it would have ran 11s forsure also, did anyone notice the tire size on my car.. 285/35/18- on the front! i also did a hand ebrake conversion and the double din dvd player install, i tried to keep everything as oem looking as i could, the seats are from an 06 grand prix
  4. its a getrag 284 5-speed, f40 is junk and cant hold 400whp thanks for compliments i have to dig up my swap thread, i did it in my old apartment, dint even pull the engine.
  5. i posted a video above but il post it again http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/kun...nt=IMG_0989.mp4 also look in dyno sheets thread and you will see dyno video with engine shots and a dyno graph
  6. i added another video to my intoduction thread and i posted a dyno graph in that section ill look into how much the springs will cost me to ship, pm me your zip code
  7. have you seen what 584+ whp looks like? (over 600whp forsure when parked for winter, going for 700whp this season) here is a top end pull on a road course i did, http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/kun...nt=IMG_0989.mp4 this is on a completely stock 3.8L minus cam and springs (stock heads and intake, stock bottom end)
  8. i do have a set of eibachs for the front sitting in my shop
  9. springs from differnt cars dont work with differnt suspension, w-bodies and u vans (uplander, montana, ect) use the same subframe and struts as a grand prix the difference is the springs as the vans have an extra coil then the cars
  10. 2" drop springs will lower the van 4", stock grand prix springs will lower about 2"
  11. zing!! 2001 grand prix gt, stock engine minus cam, valve springs, timing chain turbo, 5-speed swapped, 19.5psi (will run 25+ this summer) video
  12. my van had the self leveling rear but the stock springs dont allow the rear to go that low, you can cut the TOP spring coil on them or run aftermarket, then the air will still work this is a teaser pic of my grand prix, its low to say the least, the tires are yes.... 285 /35/18..... 285s.. on the front yeaaaa
  13. hey all, thats my old van, i lowered it on sprintech springs for a grand prix (front) and the rears are eibachs if you did not know, the van dynoed 311whp and i ran 13s with it, turbo and 3.8 swap. i now have a few grand prixs, one of which is a 2001 that last year dynoed 584 whp, going for 700whp next year, its 5-speed swapped and on air bag with a poop load of modifactions
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