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  1. Regardless, i'm not ripping out my engine just because you dont like the 2200.
  2. NIce vid, but why were you guys spinning street tires? Just for the sake of the video?
  3. Clear Coat, i just used some touch up to do the edges of the decal where the wiper crosses. like the edge of the "e" and the bottom of the "nF" From what i read it'll make the decal last longer
  4. I didnt have any issues like that, thats why i ask, did you CC the parts that the wipers go across?
  5. Basically the same as my stickers lol Why couldnt you use the wipers?
  6. Well it must be the tranny thats heavier then, because springs for the eco's are longer in the front than the ones for the 2200 Definitely not gonna do a swap, if i was planning on building a 250+hp monster then maybe, but my thing is autoX i think Drag racing is boring. With a shaved head, more aggressive cam, bigger tb. This engine can put out like 150 hp which is plenty for class2, with the suspension i'm workin on for it. How much HP does that wing add on your FWD car?
  7. Have you looked into the pre-amped woofers? I know those sound pretty, and dont take up a ton of room. Bazooka tubes, or i know kenwood makes a woofer that is about the size of an amp that you can mount to the back of a seat. Check out Cruchfield.com they have a ton of stuff there, do research there and then see if you can find it cheaper somewhere else.
  8. Most j guys refer to the old 2.2 as the LN2 and the 2200 as just that, because they have different intake manifolds. But yeah the only other serious mods i have planned are some exhaust work, slightly larger plenium, and a shaved/polished head, and a 50 shot for when i wanna play on the strip. I'm building this car mainly for autoX so i wanna keep the 2200 in there its wicked light. Makes getting close to a 50/50 weight distribution easier to achieve. Thanks though guys.
  9. My only other car 1999 cherokee sport with a 4.0 I6. Smoked the front lights. Full blue LED lighted interior. Power Acoustik 1,000 watt amp. 2 12" Power Acoustik woofers (those things could rattle your brain out of your skull) 2 2" power acoustic tweeters. 8" Infinty speakers in the back, 6" in the front.
  10. Putting it a little frank, but i have to agree. You ever seen "it takes a thief"? They always look for unsuspecting people/places. You should at least tint the back window's, maybe a cover that goes between the top of the back seats and the hatch? Its an awesome set up, i'd hate to see somethin happen to it.
  11. I now know what she looks like, adam wasnt lying haha
  12. Thats how i got here too haha
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