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  1. Sorry guys, he didn't know it would be cheating! delete please? nice gesture though
  2. When these pictures were taken, the supra had no engine, it was actually in the garage being built..notice there is no exhaust? haha. I'll be sure to post a few pics now that it's finished.
  3. Yeah it was from japan, right hand drive and all. As for mods on the GTO, I'm only looking at Kooks LT headers, and a few other minor things for now. I REALLY want a procharger. I'm willing to hold out for that. I've already got a Kooks exhaust on it. Everything else will be appearance. I am! Same forum name. I looked for two years for my goat. My dad called me one day and told me he found the exact thing I was looking for up in NC. Needless to say, I hopped in my car 3 days later and brought her back here.
  4. hers: PBM GTO / 1 of 452 his: 1993 TT Toyota Supra / j-spec / M6 my GTO and my dad's G8 GXP (for those who haven't put two and two together, My dad is jeff454...Thanks for everyone that has and IS voting for him!)
  5. Awesome! We've taken the supra to a few car shows in Tampa
  6. Unfourtunately, no. But it is loved just the same. And even more unfortunate, I happen to have one of the models that the EBCM is effed up on when traction control is disabled. GM put out a memo for it, but won't take any responsibility since it doesn't harm the engine. bull! We'll be fixing that soon.
  7. Cocoa Beach, baby! 06 phantom black GTO
  8. Thanks for all of the advice! Right now I'm considering headers, Kooks, of course But I'm not too knowledgable on the mod area, so keep it coming. As for the Supra, my husband is currently working on putting the new motor back in, Titan Motorsports kind of screwed us over with the tuning on that one unfortunately. But it's been fun building a brand new motor for it! Chaos, a buddy of ours has the 300, its pretty fast. I'm definitely looking for other goat owners in the area, it's lonely here, all I've seen are mustangs and honda civics. Killiger, be my guest!
  9. I'm new here, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 22, my husband is AF EOD, so right now were stationed near cocoa beach FL. I've got a 2006 GTO, and my hubby has a 93' jdm toyota supra. Right now my goat is completely stock, with the exception of a Kooks exhaust system. Not sure if I want to do anything else to it yet.
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