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  1. They discontinued the 18's... going to keep looking for sure though.
  2. Thank you so much! Diablos is the brand name for the wheels. They are Diablo Blitz Chrome Wheels, thank you a lot!
  3. Hey everyone! Been a bit since I last posted. I had some questions that perhaps anyone could help me find out. I'm currently looking for some wheels to put on my 1969 Pontiac Catalina. I attached a photo of a car that was sold recently and wanted to showcase the rims and see if anyone visibly could tell what brand they are. I understand its possible they're fully custom too but I wanted to post and see if anyone could help me. The attached picture is of a '67 Catalina, that was sold at an auction. I tried contacting the auction and went through some different hoops to try and
  4. Also need to note it is a column shift. May need to convert to a floor shifter to find any headers that would fit
  5. Hey there! I am in search of some headers for a 400 Small Block Pontiac engine for a 1969 Catalina. I'm really interested in finding long tube headers to help not have much restriction for more HP. Feels like an impossible tasks in finding the right headers and getting them to fit. Been searching for quite a few days, maybe a week and haven't had much luck. I know the space is very tight to fit a header between the frame and head. Can anyone help me with their experience and/or suggestions? I don't know if I have to get some custom fitted, which is highly possible. Any help would be great
  6. Hey all! My name is Nick, 26 years old and I am a proud owner of this 1969 Pontiac Catalina. This is my first car, my pride and joy. My dad and I rebuilt the 400 small block engine in it and it a big reason why I really have a love for this car. Just stopping here to say thanks and hi!
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