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  1. Thanks, all! What a great group here.
  2. Awesome, thanks Stewy and Frosty. I believe from that picture I will be able to get what I need. Appreciate the link to guide my shopping!
  3. That is such a huge help! Definitely on the front circles, both driver and passenger side! So front fender circles. This might seem like a rookie/dumb question, but where might I purchase these rubber isolators?! I need them ASAP as the grinding is hurting my hood and frame. Can’t thank you enough for the help. Truly.
  4. When I drive my Firebird, especially at lower speeds, there is this horrible squeaking/screeching sound. Had it looked at the other day. It’s the hood, which is a 400 shaker, that was put on in the 2011 restoration. The guy that looked at it showed me where it was metal on metal rubbing (looks terrible) and he mentioned putting some rubber on those spots and that should take care of the problem. So my question is, what type of rubber insert should I put on there? ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi, all - Looking to learn more about the Pontiac Firebird. I love my ‘67 and hoping to pick things up here. Thanks!
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