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  1. Let‘s give it a try 😊 2002 Firebird Trans Am Firehawk #625 Only 2002 Firehawk in Germany
  2. 2002 Firebird Trans Am Firehawk #625 It has the SLP Package, Chrome Wheels and Bilstein Suspension One of 5 registered Firehawks in Germany
  3. 2002 Firebird Trans Am Firehawk #625 345HP LS1, Bilstein Suspension, SLP Chrome Wheels one of 68 Firehawk Trans Ams in Red as T-Top with an automatic trans built in 02 AND one of only 5 registered Firehawks from all years (91-02) in germany
  4. We will. We bought is as a Summer/Nice Weather only car. The Paint will be re-done where needed, she will get a new headliner and the seats will also be repaired. When we‘re finished she‘ll look as good as new
  5. Hello everyone We finally got a replacement for our burned down 85 Trans Am. It happened to be a 2002 Trans Am Firehawk. It has the LS1 (of course), Automatic Transmission and Bilstein Suspension. This is Firehawk No 625 It needs some work on the paint, Headliner and Leather but is in a good condition from a mechanical standpoint. Here it is: Nice greetings from germany!
  6. Hello Barry, first of all thank you for your offer but i think my dad wants a Firebird again. His next Pontiac is supposed to be a fun car so a V8/Rear Wheel Drive is a must. The G6 Convertible has been on my personal bucket list for several years but i can‘t afford it for myself at the moment, especially because i would have to pay shipping, taxes, inspection and registration fees. I‘m sorry that i have to turn you down, but i wish the best for you to find a good buyer.
  7. Hello Frosty, another firebird driver told me he once had a jammed window regulator switch which almost caused a fire (it was stuck in the „open“ position because of dust) He luckily found the problem in time and pressed at the button to unjam it. since the smoke started from the console and the only electrical stuff was the shifter light (lights were turned of when it happened) and the window switches i think this could be a very likely explanation. I‘m also looking forward for the new one. I always dreamed about a late 90s/early 00s Trans Am since it will be about as
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Lucas, i‘m 21 years old and from southern germany. My heart beats for Pontiacs and Jeeps and my story begins even before i was born. in the end of the 90s my dad bought a 85 Trans Am T-Top. He repainted it, made the interior matching colour, installed 89 GTA rims, a dynomax exhaust system and swapped the engine with a goodwrench 350. Sadly because of ridiculous german taxes and because of problems with our bank he had to put it in the garage for the last 8 years. He finally re-registered it last month and i was finally able to drive it. Then
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