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  1. Miiikkkkkeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Where's your (post)build log for yours? lol.
  2. Lol shit. Hell with my tires I wouldn't be going anywhere. 245s aren't doing the trick anymore. 275s street drags are in the works.
  3. Not gunna lie, that 3400 sounds mean and throaty. I love it
  4. Shoulda swapped an LS1 in there... I keed, I keed. That thing sounds like a beast of a V6. Nice work man. V6 or not, always good to see a build log go smoothly and come out great.
  5. Definitely asleep when I posted that response. Yeah I'm hoping at least 390 since I'm an auto. I really have no desire to get it dyno'd because time slips mean more than a dyno that can be minipulated. I'm still learning the engine parameters but I got the transmission side down pretty pat. Just need my wideband to get here so I can see where I'm at AFR wise.
  6. Thursday it's supposed to finally stop pissing and mother natures off her rag for at least a day up here in IL. I'll get one soon. Was reading up and guys with stock/smaller cams are making 30-50 extra RWHP just with swapping to these heads. The intake valve is larger and the intake manifold flows SOOO much better than the LS2 failure that us GTO guys know it as. Basically a FAST 102mm intake flows the same as a ported LS3. A stage 2 ported LS2 mani is still worse than a stock LS3 mani. Yeah... While I was at work my mom got a hold of the dealership I bought it fro
  7. So I forgot to post here what I did to my goat last month. Was reading up and swapping out the LS2/6 heads and putting the LS3 heads on the LS2 block is one of the cheapest price to performance mods for the GTO out there. I guess $1600 total in the end just for heads, intake, lifters, pushrods, valves, springs, gasket, literally everything on the top end, is "cheap" to us GTO owners. Lol. Battery and Vararam intake taken off Coilpacks, throttle body, and strut tower brace taken off Driver side rocker cover Passenger side rocker cover Intake Manifold off
  8. Just curious on updates...? Feb's is up there but March and Aprils aren't.
  9. Oh snap. Totally forgot I had entered in this, hahah. When I get home I'll send you the unedited 8mp shot of mine. Think it's something like 3200x2400 or so.
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