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  1. No one else has an exhaust clip? Here is a little clip of the goat.
  2. FuelMJ

    Illinois : October Meet

    Baby Jeff - silvergto05 Carter - cgibs60 James - majorwheelspin455 Wessel - Wessel And 2 more are coming from CHC BigBadEman LastC4
  3. FuelMJ

    Illinois : October Meet

    See you all there! Looks like its going to be a good turnout.
  4. FuelMJ

    POTM Nominations

    I nominate cgibs60 2006 GTO Kooks SLP Loudmouth Vararam
  5. FuelMJ

    Illinois : October Meet

    Anyone know the address?
  6. FuelMJ

    You now have a choice!

    Cool! But sometimes I type in pontiacforever.com, oops.
  7. FuelMJ

    Hello All

    Yeah! haha.
  8. FuelMJ

    Not a newb, but new

    Nope, blue.
  9. FuelMJ

    Not a newb, but new

    Welcome Carter! Black? Where is there black on my car?
  10. FuelMJ

    Hello All

    Thanks for the welcomes!
  11. FuelMJ

    Illinois : October Meet

    My vote for food is for Buffalo Wild Wings.
  12. FuelMJ

    Hello All

    Haha yeah, the drone is pretty bad. Forgot to mention that I'm getting an x-pipe that comes with the spintech exhaust. And I will get a tune once the headers and exhaust are installed.
  13. FuelMJ

    Hello All

    It's an A4.
  14. FuelMJ

    Hello All

    It has straight pipes and a New Era Performance intake. The straight pipes have to go, drone is terrible. Spintech will be installed then American Racing Headers with off road mid pipes.
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