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  1. Tentatively I have sold this carb to a guy who has been looking for this for 30 years.
  2. So, I pulled the carb off of my 1969 Grand Prix 4 speed car which is my resto-mod candidate, and I find this: A 7040273 Date coded 1270 (May 7, 1970) Quadrajet. This is clearly not the "correct" carb for my car, but that is not an issue to me. My long term plan for this car is fuel injection - probably direct port injection. So the quadrajet is not important for my plan. (don't get me wrong, I really like Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors, and can really make them run well) I have been planning on keeping it carbureted for a while, so I go looking for rebuild kit. I did a little research on the numbers and date code: That's when I fell down the Rabbit hole. Apparently this is a rare carb for 4 speed Ram Air GTOs and Trans Ams. Apparently they may be worth a lot of money to those wishing to make their 4 speed GTO or Ram Air 70 1/2 Trans Am numbers matching. I can: 1) carefully and meticulously clean it up, and put a kit in it, and sell it. 2) do a "normal" good job clean up, put a kit in it, use it until I decide to replace it - then? 3) or? Any thoughts or ideas? What are these really worth. I see crazy prices, even just for the top plate. What is the deal? Thanks!
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