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  1. disappointment, my car was not done yet so far it looks ok well see when its finished suppose to be finished late afternoon tomorrow the still did not run the diagnostics on the engine yet so they might find something else wrong. I hope not though i need her back but if something needs to be done i would rather have it done right even if it takes longer. But deep down i hope it is messed up so i can get a little extra cash. well see cheers.
  2. those projectors look nice, how much does he charge? i should have got the gxp but it was like 10k more than i wanted to spend and a hundred more hp was not worth it to me at the time. now i am craving more hp and it seems like i cannot find very many upgrades. will a gxp cold air intake fit on a base edition? if so that would probably give me at least 10 more hp.
  3. Really? yeah your probably right thanks for the info everyone you guys are a big help. tomorrow i finally get my car back from the body shop hopefully its looking great. they told me on the phone that it is really hard to match everything up so i think that was a hint that its not right. again thanks for your help cheers.
  4. great thanks alot i think i am going to get a cap and a battery + the big 3 upgrade. should give me the power i need so i dont have to upgrade my alt. also off the hand does anyone know the amperage of a stock 08gp alternator?
  5. sorry it took me so long to reply been very busy. still looking on getting more horsepower for my baby i just want to do little by little. if i put a new exhaust on it how will it sound? i want it to sound beefy will i get that from a v6? i have been looking on pfyc.com also im still waiting for my car to get back from gates. it will not be back for a couple more weeks. some ass ran a red light and hit me im doing better but my car isn't 10k to fix it up. one bullshit thing is that gates isn't going to paint the whole car only the side where it got hit. so one side is going to look great and the other is 2 years old with little swirl marks hopefully they take care of me.
  6. nice, i just want my voltage to stay up and my lights not to dim.
  7. i plan on getting a fi btl 18 and a rockford fosgate 2500-1bd or a 2500.1 diablo hellfire. and i was also unsure on getting a cap or a extra battery. please give me all your opinions thanks. also after posting this i was on my way to therapy for my back and some dumb ass ran a red light and t-boned me and did 10k worth of damage to my baby ill try to post pics later.
  8. looking into upgrading my audio system. i need a high output alternator i drive a 2008 grand prix v6. what are some good alternators? price does not matter.
  9. thanks alot for all your details. i think i might go with the 8000k. and thanks again for the info about the DRL i had no idea.
  10. sounds good thanks pfyc.com has some cold air intakes but it seems like they're all for the gxp will it fit on my car?
  11. I want to upgrade my Grand Prix with some performance parts little by little. What are some small performance mods i can make? I have the base edition and 200HP is not cutting it. I've been looking around on some websites but it seems like the only performance mods they have are for the GXP, Help me out Please.
  12. for my highs i need 9005 and my lows i need 9006, if i change out my running lights will you still be able to see my turn signal, will that cause a problem?
  13. well i guess ill just go with the HID 10000k. What is a good brand to get or a good place to get them from?
  14. damn, hope that doesn't cost a lot of money, probably will but its worth it.
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