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  1. I will also change my grill halves on the same car, and wonder if anyone has done this and can say how much I have to disassemble Cheeres from Sweden 🍻
  2. Thanks for all your help 👌👍😃🍻
  3. This is how the backside looks like, on the taillight frame
  4. Thanks for answer 😃 The ones I'm looking for sit between the taillight and the body Goes around the taillight housing , like butyl rubber
  5. Hello Im looking after rubber seals that sits between the tail lights housing and body. Pontiac Bonneville 1966 Does anyone know what to use? 🤔
  6. Thanks for your support Sprint 6 😃 My account has failed but now it works
  7. Hello Is there any face plate that fits on a Bonneville 1966 so I can mount an original radio instead of this. Now i have the new radio in the glove compartment.
  8. This was the last owner in the Usa. Would have been fun to find former owners or relatives on Facebook for example. Maybe then i could find some earlier pictures of the car 🙂
  9. Hello Thanks for your reply. My ribbed lower side moldings have been black but now they are polisher. I have the most pappers on the car since it was new and bought by Philip Hanchett. There is no black lower side moldings on the equipment papper? Which cars got black and which got polished? I am the fourth owner on it, so its in good shape. It came too sweden in 2000. Two owner in Usa the last one from 98-00 when the estate after Philip sold it.
  10. Hello Wonder if anyone knows why some Pontiac Bonneville 1966 has black molding trims on doors and fenders. Was it an option you ordered or was it a package? My convertible had it when it came to Sweden
  11. Thanks so much. 😃 Now I can compare with the ones I have 👍👍👍 Gunnar
  12. Hello Does anyone know the length of the rear coil springs on a Bonneville 66a convertible. I don't know if mine are the right ones. I will mount a towbar but think it is too low now. Gunnar
  13. Thanks for your help 👍 I took it apart and found a "sewing thread" that was off. I mounted a twisted fishing line instead and now it works perfectly 😃
  14. Thanks for your reply. It works as it should so it really doesn't matter. I wondered most if it was possible to buy parts for it from, example, Ames Performance Rock Auto But now i know 😃 I dont know of many other companies with good prices that send to Sweden. Do you have tips on companies that sell and send spareparts.
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