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  1. Hey, thanks. Doesnt need much, just have to throw the trans back in, go over the brakes, change some bulbs, and hes ready. Yeah, and start the engine, been sitting for 10+ years, but turned over once in a while till oil pressure has been built up. I have some carbs on the self, else Ill just rebuild the original one. I also have a 66 Olds 442 Convertible Im currently building a 425 engine for, so my Pontiac will be pushed back when that engine is in its new place. But the winter is long and cold here so nice to have some indoor activities
  2. Hi there. Just picked up my "new" car here the other day. Just gonna get it running and technically awesome, and not much else. He's (yes my cars are he's for some reason I dunno), a 69 Pontiac LeMans with AC and power windows front and corners. Gold interior, a 350 4 barrel and TH400. Should be an awesome daily driver summer and winter (we live in Norway btw). So I will also have to put in a Webasto parking-heater with timer in this one. Gonna try to wet sand off some of the white primer to get the green color back, and find some way to preserve the paint as it is. Inside everything will be taken out, and I will put in some sound deadening all over, so it will be nice and "quiet" to drive. Engines just gonna get a good tuneup, and will get an EFI of some sort. Also dual exhaust of course, maybe headers. Wheels are gonna be Nascar's in gold or silver, as wide and beefy as possible. Also gonna fabricate a front spoiler/splitter and a duck tail.
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