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  1. It won’t start so I can even get some antifreeze in the block. And it’s due to freeze for 3 days here. So she’s on life support with a tiny heater and blanket on the engine and cardboard underneath. If I let it freeze it can cause more damage till it gets into a shop. Pic of the front Remember when there were 2 choices of aftermarket wheels? You can look at wheels for hours now. 😀
  2. The 65 (i think) says “just married” and the couple is 80’s
  3. Thought I would throw up these pics I took of the Pontiac club that meets by my place. Two of these are still with the first owner.
  4. Hey gang, I’m new to this site as I found it from a Pontiac post on twitter recently. I’ve updated my profile and it has the link to my webstore that sells MAF screens for aftermarket install. I won’t post the link here because of the rules, but it’s on my bio. If you need a replacement MAF screen or new for your rig let me know. Cheers Jason
  5. I had a 69 camaro in HS, was a great car for an 18 year old. Then I got rid of it and got a 84 SE firebird. When new that was a great car. I rarely see 3rd gen f bodies driving and if I do it’s a camaro. The Firebird has been my backup car since I got my Toyota... but I’m still waiting for the Toyota to break down. Thr transition from pleasure driving to restoration is difficult but most small jobs I can do. Thanks for the input folks !
  6. I’ve also had it since before my 16 year old son was born so it’s got a lot of memories. Actully rare to find a v6 hardtop with the ground effects. Only 155k on the clock.
  7. I was actually going to sell my 98 I’ve had for 18 years. I just found out it has a bad head gasket. It had sat for far to long. Now that it has sat on the road dead for a few days I dont want to part with it. It had caused some unbelievable sadness to see it in this shape. What do you folks think. I would have to spend quite a bit to get her back to the glory days. Immediately it needs the heads fixed ($1200-1500), needs an oil pan gasket and headlamp motor replacement. Would be cheaper to find a 98 currently in better shape. Only body damage is where a lady hit me while I was changing a tire. Have your spare & tools ready to go always. And get flares or battery emergency lighting 👍🏻
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