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  1. Also the th400 will give BIG DROP IN POWER . i did the same swap in 1986 was very sorry ,but since i planed to modify the engine I left it alone...something to think about
  2. Frosty you out there...More dilemmas,and changes... had arranged with a repair shop that dealt with our business,became good friends with the owner Ken, we sat down planned the build that was mutually beneficial for both of us..everything was going great until middle of february when Ken passed away in his sleep. Lost a good mechanic and friend,...To get back to business during these trying and troublesome times, our last conversation you ask about cam timing I'm using RA4 cam 231in 240exh 113 l/s and 470 lift with 1.50 rockers.also engine is done hopefully pick it next week and have it run
  3. frosty Im Hoping to get about 9.5-9.75 ...Were going to pull the engine some time this week,hopefully the engine has not been bored more than .060 i want to keep overbore between 060 and 030 with zero decking the static compression should be between 9.5-10.0 ...this is going to be a long drawn out process..my build will be all Pontiac parts ,stock intake ram air 4 exhaust 744 cam w/rhoads lifters cliff ruggels q-jet. The car has a curb weight of 4400 lbs that why im using rhoads lifters to tame the 744 cam down to 068 cam since i need as much low end torque as possible , next question will
  4. Thanks guys for your response ...But lets review I have the 46 heads ...to answer bears question im referring to cfm ..4x heads at .500 flow 171 cfm 6x flow 163 cfm also at .500 46 heads flow 181 cfm at 0500 now if any can get me complete set of heads that flow better for 920.00 please let me know. These heads will have 2.11 intakes, screw in studs installed, surfaced port matched springs .guides , hardened seats etc out the door $920.00 bucks. the above fugues were provided by Rons Pontiac page and another unknown author who mirrored Rons findings. Oh buy the way these heads were also use
  5. Thanks Frosty for your reply,but you misunderstood my question anyone tried these?? Now if you want to give me a price on your 7k3 heads i would by willing to buy them. since there is an abundance of Pontiac heads in your area . What i want to do is put them on my 73 GP, and I dont want to go through alot of port work. these heads are the ones I have . and they have better velocity with a 181 cfm at .500 lift than any of the heads like 6x, 96 ,66,64,48 do you see my dilemma?? So i pretty much can see no one has tried this, I will keep you posted on the outcome
  6. Been checking with all the experts on which heads are best for a 455...6x???why are these so popular ? seem to have better low speed port velocity but lees velocity than my 4x at maximum lift..talked to my machinist said maybe try a set of 46 heads off a 350. has better high lift velocity than the 4x and the 6x with a 96cc chamber volume.He suggested replacing intake vales with 2.11 and installing screw in studs which could also improve low speed velocity. has.anyone tried this combination? would appreciate any advise
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