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  1. I finnaly got my 1989 240sx s13 pignose. (wish it was the sharknose) now im looking at a 4-speed suzuki sidekick with a 350 cramed in it sittin on 5-star craigars!
  2. lol i know right? i sold my fiero today for $500. The guy has a 383 stoker motor he is putting in it! so now im goin first thing in the morning to get that 240sx
  3. ok i may be able to finnaly finnish my post lol. when mom got the pathfinder, i drove it more than she did. i scared the crap out of her ond day lol i got it sideways comming out of a gas station. another time, i was sitting at a red light and got bored. so i tried to power brake the truck and to my suprize, it worked. lol about amonth after we got the pathfinder, my brother hit a z71 at the gas station. he didnt hit it hard it just caved the passenger door in, dumb ass. so any ways, he ran. and, the chevy followed him. when my brother reallized that he was being followed, he shaged ass back to curry. on the way, the z71 started to catch up and my brother was behind another car going up a hill that you cant see over. he decided to pass the car and when he toped the hill, he saw head lights. luckly he missed the head on collision, but unfourtunatly, it was a friggin state trooper. my brother looked in the rearview and saw blue lights. but lol the z71 finally backed off. Jeffery, my brother, turned the head lights off and turned into the next drive way. it was like 12:00 am and the truck was a dark maroon color so he couldnt be seen. durring all this, my brother hit a big speed bump at close to 80 mph. he broke two motor mounts and the driveshaft for the 4wd fell out from under it. after mom raised hell for about three weeks, she traded it in as a down payment on a 2006 pontiac grand prix. that was the first pontiac i ever drove. that little car would move too lol. at the time, mom and my step dad was owners of a detail shop called spit shine car care. when they ran into financial problems, the car got repoed. thats when i decided to get my own car. so i called my dad and got him to bring my dirt bike that i had for 4 years to me. i sold it for $400 and whent straight to the jusnk yard. thats where i found "Big Bird" ( my yellow 1988 pontiac fiero) it cranked up at the junk yard but since then its been a yard onament. my fiero is now up for sell for $500. som body is supposed to come see it today and if they get it, im going to buy my buddies 1993 Nissan 240sx notch back 5-speed. and thats where i am now lol i just cant wait to get that nissan!
  4. haha lol yea he does. he claims to be a good driver.
  5. ok im back lol had to go to the library. anyways the f 100 was the hardest to learn to drive. it had a 5.0 out of a 93 mustang gt fast back and mustang exhaust. i could take it out in the road and fill the bed up with smoke lol but my brother was apparently trying to "drift" in a horse pasture, and wraped the bed around a tree. not just any tree, it was the only damn tree out there, dumb ass. the next car i got was a 1994 honda accord. automatic nothing special. kinda slow. so i sold it. lol. after that, mom bought a 1998 Mitsubishi 3000gt. i loved that car. it made the 88 accord i was talkin about look like a friggin ugo lol. it was a 5-speed but it wasnt the v-r4. it would still run like a bat outa hell tho. it hit 98 mph on a 8th of a mile track. but my mom knows nothing about cars so when the TIMING BELT BROKE, she LET a mechanic talk her into TRADING it for a friggin 1993 nissan pathfinder se! i dont think i have ever been that pissed lol. bell rung again lol. ill finnish tomorrow
  6. my fiero was the first car that i ever bought. but over the years i have had a couple that i drove. thankfuly i never crashed. lol my step dad tought me how to drive when i was 12. the first car i ever drove was a 1994 ford explorer. (Green) when i was 13, my brother put it on its side in field doing 360's in a top heavy truck, dumb ass. lol the next car i drove was a 1988 honda accord Lxi 5-speed. it had a h22a in it. That is one of the fastest engins made by honda. lol that thing would friggin move! my brother and i was going down corridor-x (in alabama), i was driving, i hit fourth gear and wasnt paying attention to the speed-o-meter. i knew i was flying tho lol. the speed-o-meter had 130 on it. when i hit 5th gear, i looked down, and the needle had wraped back around to 35! Scared the crap out of me lol.the next thing i drove was a 1994 baretta. it had a turboed 3800 v6. idont know how lol it was in it when i got it. it would hit around 70 in a 8th of amile drag track (with my brother behind the wheel lol). coming home from work one night, my brother ran it hot and cracket the head, dumb ass. the next car i drove was a 1993 nissan altima 5-speed (black primer). it had a 16valve 4banger in it. it was actually pretty quick. lol my mon never new i drove it. thats because it was hers! some times she would ride into work with a friend and left me the keys for "emergencies". lol big mistake mom. one night i was on a long straight on a back road at 120 mph. a deer ran out in front of me. so i did what my brother told me to do, i aimed for the ass lol. the driver side mirror was then removed by the deers ass. it scared me to death but it was still funny. mom found out about my taking the car out and, well that was the end of that lol. the next thing i drove was a 1976 ford f 100 custom cab short wheel base, three on the tree. bell just rung lol ill finish this post later
  7. here is a link to som pics of my car on facebook. the ppl in the album are my family and i didnt mean to put them in the album. click here----> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=10000...33&aid=3531
  8. Okay guys, i think Ive found a way to get my fiero running. the coil packs run off of the ecu, and they work. the ignition runs off of the ecu, and it works. the injector wire runs off of the ecu, and it don't work. well, if i put a carburetor on the stock intake, it will do away with the injector all together. yea, i will loose horse power and fuel millage, but it would run. its gonna suck for a little while because of how slow its gonna be. but still, i will finally be able to drive it. all I've got to do is get a carburetor and a fuel pressure regulator and I've got a running car. when i got the money, i plan to put the fuel injection system back on and fix the problem. also when i start Wyo tech, i plan to put a supercharged 3800 v6 out of the grand Prix gt p. and a Pontiac fiero gt 5 speed tranny in it. also im going to get the body back to spec. and paint it back the original bright ass canary yellow. lol it will be pretty nice when im done with it. i will get some pics on here soon but i have to wait until the snow melts off because it turned to solid ice. lol any ways, if any one sees a problem in my plan to put a carburetor on the fiero, please let me know. thanks to every one that's helped me so far.
  9. valid, im just curious, wich o you drive more sunfire, or fiero?
  10. he said they have been there for 4 years and im the first person that showed intrest in them. he said if he dont get rid of them, they would sit there till they rot! so they aint goin any were soon yea i know, sorry about that. ill try to get some pics as soon as i can. is there any one actually interested in going to get a fiero? im just curious
  11. JACK POT!! lol i just found 36 fiero's in a field and they are all for sell. 25 of them will crank up and drive off with titles in the glove box! most of them are gt v6 5 speed! i can get three of them for $1000. the guy just wants to get rid of them. if any body wants to know where they are and are willing to come to ALABAMA, hit me up and ill tell you exactly were they are. NOTE: the guy said he will not part out. only selling full cars.
  12. thanx for the help. i didnt know that i couldnt upload my pics from face book to here. i guess ill have to go take more pics because the other ones got erased from my camera.
  13. ok, so i finally got the penock's fiero thing to work but now my school blocked the site cause they saw me on it. God this sucks lol. any ways, my older brother is paying to put my fiero in the shop and every thing is going to be fixed! im so exited! for some reason, this site wont let me put my pics on here so if any one wants to see pics of my car, go to face book and look up my name
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