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  1. Okay. do you think that would push the tire too big to fit under the wheel well?
  2. cool. i might try a 225/40/18 tire and see how it goes with 18x8 rims. i've heard it would fit just fine, so we'll see. plus i think it will look pretty badass. preciate it.
  3. Cool deal. Idk for sure if they were 20's or not. they were ridiculously big tho. 18s sound great to me, thats actually what i had in mind first. I don't have any pics yet, i just found this website, but after work today i can post some and you can check it out. I was wanting black rims with possibly a chrome lip, ive found some i like, just didnt know what size to get. My grand am is red, has dark tint, and some black accents, im gonna black out the tail lights soon also. so the rims i was thinking about would look pretty sick. Would you say an 18in /8.0 width would be a good size to get? Would they fit with the stock suspension and what not? http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/St...;ShowLarge=True here is the rims i were looking at.
  4. Thanks for the help. I'm honestly not sure what i want at all. A buddy of mine had the same car and i want to say he had 20's on it, but idk if he had to do any modification to the car. Im assuming he probably did. But are you saying that if i got 18s i would still have to modify the fender well or something? I was hoping i could just put them on without any trouble.
  5. I want to get rims for my 2004 Pontiac Grand AM i just don't know what size to get. I wanted to get the biggest i could without having to modify my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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