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  1. how Do I edit the above post?
  2. I did the Auto Shows for the last 25 years, I Was there when Oldsmobile was dropped, I remember walking in the GM booth at Texas St Fair, the first show of the season, when Pontiac,Saturn, Saab, Hummer was dropped. Sad day I pulled a stack of lic plates for Pontiac from the trash can, I also “ saved” the 6’ Arrow from the major shows. Recentky at the Natz, one of Steve’s PCs came up for sale, he passed away this past spring, he worked at the Pontiac site and did the shows, it w as the Bird from the turntable back in 1978. ( see pics) Steve had collected one off stuff from the shows. More to follow.
  3. Looks like the spring swap is this month as a Rain Make up, Never paid much attention on the show, but good swap
  4. That’s my Oag master, it was rebuilt along with the calipers years ago, ya it needs to be black. A few other things need to be fixed as well, hood latch. Norwood does those, I may send mine to him. Also, I. Getting the OG accumulator rebuilt.
  5. I bought the car w/ 11k. Ike’s on it, some reason there must of been a ground issue on the AC, the main ground was moved and 3 splices I found in the harness, a friend sent me a like new OG one, so I recently swapped it out, and ga e it a pound of R-12. It’s been 17 years since a charge.
  6. I bought my TA back in 1979, sine then some parts through the years I used I wasn’t concerned how factory it was, now I’m trying to get it back, which is hard. I put the color striped vac lines from Ames on, a friend had the 2 Rad hoses made for me, ( not installed yet) found a correct water pump, also, I put a Freedom Battery Topper, which is a nice detail.
  7. I usually attend the Dust Off in the Soring, I’ll post up some pics, I recently put the color striped Vc lines back on and a Freedom Battery Topper. Trying to get the engine bay more back to a stock look. Last week I was in Dayton at the Firebird Natz.
  8. Had a great time at the cruise. Thanks for posting my Gold TA. !
  9. Hey there, just signed up, a member said my car was up here from dream cruise, it is. Lol. It’s the 78 y 88. Must be when I drove through Pontic, I think the Widetrackers were set up at the loop Greetings all!!! ac
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