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  1. Thanks again Frosty. Who are we? (can help). Things to ponder. Totally agree with 1, 3, 7 and 8. Oh, I have a tired 65 Bonneville 2 dr. I've lost compression in two cylinders I suspect from running unleaded gas. Suspect that rings are bad also. Haven't had it on the road since I've owned it. It has the 8 lug wheels so I don't believe it has a lot of stopping power, but they look good. Body is rough, but it has a great interior. I've about decided just to try to get it roadworthy and drive it as is. Limited funds has a lot to do with that thinking. Anyway, what co are you with?
  2. Thanks Two-Lane and Frosty. Obviously I didn't put as much thought into this as you did. All I saw was the possibility of a healthy crate engine putting out some ponies for a few grand. However, as you point out that would just be the start of the expense train. I didn't like the idea of cross breeding either, but I am on a limited budget. Thanks again guys for waking me up. I guess under the circumstances, I will stick with Pontiac. Maybe a 400 or 455 to replace the 389. I would think either of those would match up with what I have?
  3. Has anyone installed a chevy engine in full size Pontiac? Need info on motor mounts from someone who has actually made the swap. and what else do I need to be concerned about? Rebuilt chevy engines are plentiful, Pontiac not so much. Money is another factor, don't have much but would love to get the Bonneville on the road. Thanks for any help.
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