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  1. We have already began work on the 'Project'...........Managed to get some Camaro 2SS 20"s on it the other day(just not bolted as PCD etc different but they fitted in....) Here is a little mockup we had a play with....Not finished yet but a start http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2855...102175946507509
  2. Hmmmmm wonder what we could do for a Torrent?????? Phil
  3. A previous magazine feature from one of the British modifying mags. http://www.wortec.us/uk/PRESS/fastcar-2008.pdf hope you enjoy Phil
  4. No we don't need the car ! We already have systems built for the Australian/UK equivalent so it we know it fits, we just need someone who wants to order the first to the USA!
  5. Stripe kits are about it for you guys i'm afraid.....still never say never We are looking for a GTO for our exhaust so if anyone wants to be the first USA GTO to have it fitted drop me a line.. Phil
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for the welcome.....so where to begin...... Ok so as you know most of the stuff we do at the moment is obviously based around the Australian/UK/USA platforms with the same DNA. Specifically 2004 GTO onwards and VXR8/G8. We are currently focusing our development on 2010 Camaro as the UK should be receiving 400 a year from 2011 and we want to enter the USA market for Camaro aswell. Wortec products are all designed inhouse and made to the highest british standards.....we never follow we always try to innovate. Because we have the ability to design our own products t
  7. Ok Black stripe will look cool and highlight mirrors a hood! Getting wheels in black would be cool aswell.... Top one is Orange...
  8. I'm sure something can be arranged.....I have been talking to Ringo so we should be getting a vendor spot soon so then i can take orders and set pricing for shipping etc Base colours are red/black/orange/silver Other colors may have a slight premium unless enough people want it but lime green would rock!! I almost had my last VXR8 wrapped matt black with lime detailing.... Phil
  9. Ok guys so it seems a few of you are interested I will PM Ringo about becoming a Vendor as don't want to piss anyone off! lol The Stripes will fit any car as they can be cut for doors/bodywork etc and we do have them on GTOs as well (note to self find photo!) The base colours are Black, Red, Orange and Silver. Different colours can be made but may need an additional premium unless a few want the same colour(they are produced in groups of 4) (GTO tuned by us and with our stripes) Phil
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering how many (if any!) people would be interested in Wortec Side stripes for there cars we have them fitted to all the G8/VXR8s we play with in the UK and thought it might be cool for you guys to join the club. If there is enough interest I will get some prices for them to be shipped. Dont forget we also have switchable exhaust systems for G8 Regards Phil
  11. Hi Guys........spooky hey! anyway hope you like the pics...... Heres my old car before I got the Camaro..she was 505rwhp Wortec are now going to start operating direct to customers so see you around Phil
  12. This is pretty much what it sounded like.... For the first time ever Wortec will now be shipping G8 exhausts direct to customers very soon..... Please vist the Facebook page and say hello http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wortec/102175946507509 Phil
  13. This did become reality.....we built it! However we had to use a VXR8 as base car..getting a G8 in the UK was a lttle difficult If there was enough demand across the pond this G8 conversion would become reality..... http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/?act=...102175946507509 Phil
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