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  1. Im used to Bam already.. kno exactly what to expect! So lets see ur pics!! lol...
  2. yup... but meh... whatevs... maybe its best no one sees my pic... (not cause im ugly)
  3. Lol... why's that?? And thanks for the awesome welcome everyone!
  4. Thanks!! it is nice... i love it... and its gonna get a lot nicer! woot!
  5. lol... well Hello to my fellow 6ers! nice to meet ya always a pleasure...
  6. hiyya.... My name is Allie... i own a 2006 Pontiac G6... i was referred here by.. "stud muffin" and fearless leader im sure.. BamBamm... (hi Bam... much love) ahah... anyway ive done a few mods to my 6... which include... tint.. Hid's... and dual exhaust... much more to come! Meet my girl.... Lila
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