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  1. Thank you for the great advice. My friend is not a "car guy", so I am just hoping he might be mistaken ( along with my old eyes in "seeing" a "5.7" badging.) LOL. Regardless, I have heard negative stories about the "weak" 301, but most people don't realize this was the beginning years of the death of the Muscle Car Era due to emission control requirements, etc. Sad that it had to happen. I will keep everyone posted as to the results discovered this coming weekend. Thanks again for the help!! Thank you for the good info. I will definitely have this with me when I look at the car closer this weekend (And look @ the title as well). I appreciate all of your research & sharing it!! I will keep you posted. Thanks again for all of your effort.
  2. Yes. I have seen it in person. We haven't started yet because we have to move it from under all the junk on top of it. Also, I want to start it up correctly with it sitting for so long (i.e., change out gas, pull plugs & lubricate cylinders, etc.). If it starts & drives, I will know more about it's mechanical condition & then be able to give an honest offer. It is a friend of mine, so want to give him a fair offer for both of us. I am more worried about the "5.7" markings or "350" engine. I will know the instant I open the hood. Thanks for your input. P.S. I have $2k in mind if it runs.
  3. Hello Everybody, This is my first post!! I own a 2002 Firebird. I have a chance to buy a Canadian 1980 Pace Car w/350?? My question...It needs work, has been sitting in a garage for years (approximately 10), but a 350/5.7 engine? (Or so the owner says) Either way, what is a good offer price for this car? There is a little rust on the wheel wells, as well as some of the rocker panels, interior is in bad shape. Other than that, it is a complete car. Owner says it will run & drive, or so it did when he parked it. I'm a little concerned about the "350" engine. It is buried under a pile of old clothes, misc., but I believe I saw what was a "5.7" factory sticker somewhere on the car, either on the hood or front rocker panel? It has both Indy & Daytona Markings as well. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for adding me to the club!
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