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  1. I took the fuel rail out and cleaned the injectors out and reinstalled them, they were pretty dirty but I'm still having the same issue, makes that buzzing sound by the battery/ ICBM (I think thats what its called) area when I put the key in start position, and gives me engine power reduced. It also gives me a power steering message but that might be the recall they have on this vehicle not sure.
  2. I forgot to mention its at 85,000 miles and ive put fuel injection cleaner through it twice, but if the injectors are bad then thats a different issue, I'll check it out thank you!
  3. Ok so I have a bit of car problem right now. Pontiac g6 2009 4 cylinder. Ive replaced the battery, gas cap twice, 02 sensors front and back, new air filter, and even took it to a mechanic and they couldnt find a problem so they cleaned some sensors off (not sure which ones). I checked fuses and none showed signs of damage, and lightly sanded off some ground wires for better connection. Awhile back started getting a check engine light which was P0171 (Bank 1 system too lean) so I changed the 02 sensors and didnt work. I then started to get an engine power reduced. I would turn the key but not start the engine up and it would give me that message, I would take the key out a few times and the message would go away and car will start up just fine. Fast forward a month and engine reduced wont go away, if it catches its very heavy. And when I turn the key, I hear some sort of buzzing noise for about 2 seconds around the EBCM. I took the Throttle body out just before that issue started and cleaned it because it was really dirt, there is some gunk still on it that wont come off but I do not want to damage it by chiseling at it, but still giving me that error. Any ideas?
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