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  1. Thanks. From what I have gathered they're a breed of their own...not as cut in dry as a ford that's for sure. But hey I learned how to be a mechanic by owning fords haha buying a ford is like spending money on tuition and Haynes manuals are your books. No but honesty i would take any make of classic cars.
  2. No i live in ohio and it's been freezing here. I bought the car off a guy down the street after wanting it for a year and instantly threw it in the garage. I'll go out tomorrow and get some. I have however been working on the 400 at work as it is in better shape than the 389. I posted this http://psp.aquacomp.net/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14851 on another forum hoping to get all kinda info and suggestions on cams and options. The Jay guy was very helpful but I still have more questions. Like I mentioned in that forum...id like to get the most out of what I already have Lol so caught up in the motors right now haven't even been able to pay any attention to the body.
  3. Hello all. Just bought my first Pontiac and am looking for a good community. I'm 30 years old and have mainly had fords....excited to give Pontiac a try. I just got a 1967 tempest with a 75 400 and a 67 389. On engine stands of course lol. Anyways look forward to spongeing up as much knowledge as i can and thanks in advance to all of your help.
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