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  1. All great input! Thanks guys! I am the second owner, the first owner bought it new, hardly ever drove it, and never had it painted. I will take your advise and either take the car or maybe a piece that hasn’t sat in the direct sunlight (like the valance) to a shop and get it matched, or get some spray out cards to compare in direct sunlight. I am trying to decide if I want to do all the extra work to do the door jams etc. when the paint is so good in those areas. I’ve already used “Chassis Saver” to seal the interior after roughing up the surfaces. Amazingly, the cabin of the car is rust free though the trunk area has some spots that have rust so it will get a new trunk floor.
  2. Thank you for the response. Yes the paint codes you stated are the ones I have been looking for/at. I am usually very good at locating parts and stuff on the internet but the colors I see seem off. The color on the link you sent from thecoatingstore looks darker than what I have found in the door jams etc on my car. Have you seen this in real light? Thanks again for the response! A lot of work goes into body work and I want the paint right the first time!
  3. Hi everyone, new to the forum here. I’m restoring a 1970 Tempest GT-37 with 400/400 drivetrain. Anyway, I have searched for days and can’t seem to find any paint manufacturers that will straight up tell you “yeah, we have the Lucerne blue paint that was on your car”. They all seem to tell me “we can get a close match”. The couple that I got paint samples from look dark to me. Has anyone else run into this? I’d really like to put the original color back on this car.Suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated!
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