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  1. 04widetrackgt2

    First Texas Meet

    yeah i hope alot of people go
  2. 04widetrackgt2

    First Texas Meet

    ill only go if another grand prix owner goes lol jk ...how many people are going?
  3. 04widetrackgt2

    First Texas Meet

    when is it?
  4. 04widetrackgt2

    Texas Roll Call

    he ment in between the people that are going lol
  5. 04widetrackgt2

    Texas Roll Call

    how many people are in this so far?
  6. 04widetrackgt2

    Texas Roll Call

    yeah a few minutes away but we can go to the beach ..they have this little parking area by the beach and theres alot of space to put our cars
  7. 04widetrackgt2

    gxp wheels help :)

    yeah but they are polished aluminum
  8. 04widetrackgt2

    Texas Roll Call

    lol lets meet at galveston when kill switch gets here
  9. will some grand prix gxp (real forged alcoas) look nice on a 2004 grand prix gt?...has anyone done this and have pictures? thanx
  10. 04widetrackgt2

    Texas Roll Call

    baytown, TX
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