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  1. I know that Florida is a bicameral State albeit I do not know if its other Chamber has the same legislative powers that Florida Senate has on this domain: do you? However, I suppose that the answer may be affirmative, because on the contrary that Senate's Bill 932 should just become binding in my opinion. On the other hand, it may needs an adminastrative passage only despite without a concrete possibility to block or change it.
  2. Wonderful car! In addition, "GTO" is the acronym of "Gran Turismo Omologato", inspired by Ferrari 250 GTO, that was used since the first Pontiac GTO
  3. I have no experience on that particular brand/model, so I cannot give to you a proper feedback unfortunately. However, I am a Bridgestone passionate, because I like tyres that have tough sides being really reactive and direct, albeit other like Michelin. How are these BF Goodrich? Did you just have them on one of your rides?
  4. Nice purchase! Congrats! What tires brand and model will they wear?
  5. If I will go near there in future I would like to visit it as well sure!
  6. Restored Standard Oil Gas Station from the 1930s is amazing definetly!
  7. Thank you! If you would like to, give an eye to my topic please
  8. Hi Ringo! Yes, a 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville Brougham convertible
  9. Hi everyone, I would like to premise my apologies if I am making a mistake posting within the wrong section of the Forum. However, do you know where can I find Pontiac data specs? I cannot find them about a 1975 Grand Ville Brougham convertible in particular, can you help me please? Thank you a lot.
  10. Hi everyone, I am a very passionate Pontac historic vehicle and I am sure that I will learn a lot from You all! Thank you for accept me within your wonderful Community :)
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