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  1. Here is one video. If you need another, please let me know. Not sure why that posted again. I will double check the pulleys to make sure they are all moving. Tomorrow I will try to get some help taking belts off to make sure the sound is infact the pulley and not my engine. As far as a thermostat goes, and the radiator hose being sucked closed.. He said the thermostat was stuck open, so he just removed it and it would be fine to run for a few weeks since its cold out. Is that true? Today when I ran the car for a few minutes to get the video, the hose wasnt sucked closed.. did the issue resolve itself or do I need to run and drive the car to see if it happens again?
  2. Im currently uploading to YouTube. I will post the link once they are done uploading.
  3. I do not know how to upload a video. I do have one thats about 30 seconds long but it would not let me upload that. I can take another one all together. I am about to put the baby down for a nap now, once he is out I will head out and snag a video! Thanks so much!
  4. Just a heads up, this was a backyard mechanic who helped me work on my car. Not ideal, but this car cost me my job when it died out on me and im a single mom, so i am not able to take it to a garage right now. Please, dont throw it in my face about him not being licensed. I have an 04 grand prix gtp 3.8l v6 series 3 engine.. A few months ago it started this god awful knocking sound. I was told it was a rod knock, to park the car and dont run it until i got new main bearrings. We bought new main bearrings, a crankshaft, a crankshaft sensor, all new plugs and wires, new gaskets, new fluids etc... That was all fixed. The car started up but had a loud ticking/tapping noise. They said it was the alternator, so we went and got a used one, the car started with a jump, but died out. Found out that the battery terminals were shot. Now the car starts fine. However, there is still a really loud tapping noise coming from around the alternator area. He said there is a radiator hose suctioned close, so he checked the dex cool reservoir and it was dry so he topped it with water (yikes bc its 20 here in PA) He said the thermostat was bad and took it out but didnt replace it for now. I asked him to just bring my car back. When he did, he told me that Cyl 3 is misfiring now. Im at a loss. I can't afford a garage right now bc this car cost me my job as is..i took every penny i had to fix this car these last few weeks and now i am tapped out.. Does anyone have any advice or help for me? I dont know what is causing the tapping sound, or the sucked closed hose. Theres so many things being thrown at me that i don't even know where to begin. Help!?
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