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    Those who think they know everything piss off those of us who do
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  1. So its the rover from the movie The Martian
  2. I get it showing up to meet someone for the first time in a banana hammock can be intimidating.
  3. That would match my walker mufflers stool and my monroe shocks stool.
  4. I almost had to argue over the Acadian with a Pontiac "expert" at the show who stated they never made it. I just shut my mouth because it the and and would have been to may syllables for him.
  5. Welcome. Nice Fiero. Ms Notallthere has an 85 GT fun little car to drive just finding parts for it can be a little difficult .
  6. thanks guys t minus 12 years till retirement
  7. I do not know as of yet. Probably this year I will get a quote from them.
  8. Yes the proportioning valve will have to be changed. Let me know about Quick rear axle as I have been looking at them or DTS. The advantage of DTS is I can pick them up in Detroit.
  9. The LS4 is a transverse engine to begin with so this may almost be a bolt in for the van. I have seen them in Cavaliers, Fieros and now a minivan. Bellhousing is the same as the 3800.
  10. Checked out the new Civic. Turbo, stick shift. Everything I cannot get from the big three unless I go with the titanic sized "muscle car"
  11. May have to go to the eastern market again. It has been years. Welcome to the site.
  12. A little misty out so things look cloudy but great visibility. This was the first time I have been in a small aircraft (Cessna 172) in about 26 years. Yes I was scoping out a wrecking yard just about 40 km from Sarnia. The best part was I had the cutest pilot I know at the controls. As of last week Ms Notallthere is a certified pilot and I was her first passenger.
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