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    Those who think they know everything piss off those of us who do
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    Sarnia Ontario Canada
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    Driving panel vans to highschool proms uninvited.

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    Mike -- means he who is like God
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  1. notallthere

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Going into the food coma now.
  2. So the place got shut down and now I need a new present for Frosty's birthday.
  3. notallthere

    Craigslist '81 Camaro For Sale

    But shipping is only 1000.00
  4. No the scabs are not that bad but I now have the nickname of Zorro by a couple friends of mine. Oil change on the Vibe, sanded on the Chevelle, and tires for the Chevelle are on order.
  5. Are they not mounted like the 57 Chev's behind the left taillight?
  6. Nice looking car. Just a question do you have crank windows but power locks?
  7. Today I sanded, then sanded some more, then get this I sanded. Lunch, then I sanded, and sanded, and sanded.
  8. notallthere


    No Ghost has been missing for some time. Now we know why.
  9. Damn it. Why did I not think of that? I could do one for gay dudes and name them all after you guys. The Frosty doll, Ringo doll, we just will not discuss the Professeur doll.
  10. notallthere

    Avro Arrow

    I own it and watched it a dozen times as well as a movie called Ordeal in the Artic.
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/avro-arrow-recovered-lake-ontario-1.4793463
  12. notallthere

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    Actually it is Ms Notallthere's Fiero. Since she is the one with the cool Pontiac in the relationship.
  13. notallthere

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    Why not.
  14. notallthere

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    If I could afford to drag race on a higher level that would be my pit car.
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