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  1. Frosty, thanks for taking the time to walk through this. Good stuff here and a good place to get started on each. I appreciate your help. I'll keep you posted. If this weather ever warms up enough to keep the toy garage heated. Central Pa mountains, gotta love em.
  2. Mostly original restoration aside from the motor. I have just about everything I need or within reach to complete 90% myself. I can swap engine parts but have never rebuilt a compete engine. Nor do I want to put 5K into it if not completely necessary. Like to keep the engine cost to about $1500 max, so I realize it's probably just a good street tune on it. Intake ,Carb Headers, maybe a cam. I am able to lap the valves once I get the heads off. I don't need a beast just a bit better than the original I suppose. My biggest hang up is the paint. I haven't painted any auto's since the late 80's. And really don't want to blow money away learning again for one or two cars. Body work is not a problem, ( just time consuming). So that is were the bulk of the budget will go, Paint job. Most everything as far as restoration parts are already bought. door panels, wire harness, trim & hardware. I even had the tranny rebuilt. Getting ready to start the engine and rearend. Just a Sunday cruiser with a few extra ponies. Any Tips for engine tunes?
  3. Well, here goes. I have a 69 Firebird completely disassembled in my garage. Every nut, bolt seat, suspension parts, etc.will be either replaced or gone over upon reassembly. I do not want to install the motor before giving it a good going over. In doing so I would like to be sure it is a peak performance without breaking the bank. I do have a budget for this but need to spend it wisely . I'm sure you can imagine the cost of every small part that needs replaced. I sold my Mustang , so I have that to put back in the FB. I'd like to keep this one because it has some family history. But again just trying to get the most bang for my buck. Any knowledge or info is definitely appreciated, what to check for or watch out for.
  4. Thanks Frosty, this all makes sense. I'm told the motor was pulled from a mid 70's Trans Am. I'm fairly new at this Pontiac stuff, so I am just starting to do some home work on it. I do get the concept of the dates. I previously owed a 68 mustang. So now it's carrying over to this build. Have you had any experience with slight engine modification such as intakes carbs maybe even cam swaps without complete rebuild? this assuming the engine and compression is all good once I go over it. I 'm told the 6X heads are the better ones for that time frame. good info thanks
  5. Good Morning , I'm in need of information identifying an engine block in a older firebird I purchased. it is not the original for sure. Can someone help ID what exactly I have? On the back of the block next to the distributor is stamped 75, the back of the block also has 500557 stamped. The heads are 6X. I believe this engine is from the mid 70's and I'm going to go over it and possible try and gain a few more HP without going all out. I'm told it only had 62,000 miles on it so I don't want to do a complete rebuild if not necessary. I will find out more after a thorough investigation. Any help would be appreciated.
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