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  1. Hey Guys and Gals hope you guys have a great weeknd down in So Cal. I really wanted to come and join in on the fun. Not to mention I miss my 6. Anyways thought I would drop in and give a holla. or 2 LOL.
  2. Rams6

    Surry Guys..

    Thanks for the good info about the intake. well the other reason i traded was this one now has gap insurance my g6 had it but was taken off by the bank. had I got hit or something I would have taken it in the shorts for all the money that was owed. also thanks cor the compliments. and by the way i knew I was gonna take a rassin. LOL.
  3. Rams6

    Surry Guys..

    Yeah she likes it alot so does my son. I still am gonna miss my G6 though. Who knows though if the bank calls and wants anything else I will be back in my 6. LOL
  4. Rams6

    Surry Guys..

    LOL Thanks Now I am feeling at home. Although since I moved in now I am like that Relative that comes for a visit and never leaves.
  5. Rams6

    Surry Guys..

    Sorry guys had to trade in my G6 for another G. Was to upside down. Hope you guys like this one. I know it needs tint will do it soon. LOL. 04 G35 3.5 liter 6 spped Manual. LOL
  6. Thanks guys . thought I would give it a try.
  7. Thought i would get a couple of her in the nite.
  8. Nice Pontiacs, I have an 06 GTP white like yours.
  9. LOL. Rams6, Ramsey G6. Get it Thanks AaronGTR. Yeah I think its gonna take me abit to get used to the tint myself.
  10. Thanks Bambamm, had a great time . it was nice to get to know who I had been emailing for awhile. LOL Yeah looking forward to Oct, also. And thanks for the tips on the mods . Looking forward to meeting all the other guys too. Hey those pics came out good.
  11. I'm a Droid Man. anybody else.
  12. I got 5%. Did make a difference.
  13. Hows this Fella's a lil better. lol.
  14. CONFIRMED Guests/Members 1. Bambamm - Sacramento, CA (Host, but I'm sure there will be a Hostess, too) 2. Skrilla818 - SFV, CA 3. markpetersonii - Camp Pendleton, CA MAYBE Attending Guests/Members 1. Phenom - San Jose, CA 2. Ringo - Napels, FL (This is the fun for all right? I'll be there in spirit! ) 3. 1BADG6GT - Fresno, CA 4. Jedi3 - Rockland MA 5. Rams6 - Sactown Ca,
  15. Thanks. Kwel, looking forward to it.
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