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  1. my left side got banged up preety good,pain from my neck down to my knee,down my left arm to my elbow,on meds for now and ice paks,if it starts again then a mri and go from there,still want another gp also along with that firehawk,the car has 120,000 on it so im planning a engine rebuild,it is black but want 2 paint it plum crazy purple with white leather
  2. well june 4th of this yr i was broadsided by a truck,in the drivers door,the car is a total loss,9400 in damage,only had 29,000 on her,well, hosp,in traction for 2 weeks and 3 months of trheropy,i see a surgion today,it has been a tough 3 months for me,every time i look at the pics of my baby i want 2 cry,looking at a firebird firehawk as my next project car,will keep u posted
  3. getting my tune scanned next week,long as the wife dosen find something for me to do,2nd or 3rd gear pull,i hear both,but they say 3rd is better
  4. thanx for the info on the dyno,car is still in storage,another month or so i will get it done
  5. i understand where your coming from,i was looking at the paperwork that came with the blower kit,there are 5 diffrent stages,stage one is 5-6 psi boost stage 2 like mine,10psi boost and so on,stage 5 there claiming 550 at the wheels,is it true,i have no clue,but anyway,once the toon is done im bringing it elsewhere for the dyno and will keep ya updated
  6. i talked to a good friend last nite,asked him where i can get a dyno done,i told him where i had it done the first time and his comment was you would have been better off having a girl scout do it, he is going to check my tune and go from there.... didnt mean to make a big issue here
  7. i have a ton of paperwork on this thing,let me dig up the info for ya,i thought about diffrent size rims but not sure at this time,i might stay stock size
  8. sorry no vidz from the track,it was 2 yrs ago,just a one time deal,mainly cruise nites and car shows,dont want to wreck my baby,have won a lot of trophys at car shows with it,325 horses,more to come this year
  9. thanx for the replys,the hood is a sd ram air hood,first run was a 14.1 at 103,i still have more to do yet,rims and tires,put my gauges in,custom floor mats,dropping the pully for more boost then a tune after that
  10. 2nd attemp to post pics more here, for some reason some wont go thru
  11. hey guys,havent posted in a while,back injury took me down for a while,all is good now,hoping to get back into bowling soon,and i will get some pics of my car up soon,take care,summer is coming....
  12. check with intense racing.com,they might have something,i got one for my grand prix from them,good stuff
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