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  1. Thank you. Yes we chatted about enlarging the holes but we were a 1/4 inch off and that was too much for an adjustment. Turns out our Valley Pan was getting in the way of the Intake Manifold. So hoping that we can adjust the Valley Pan enough to seat the intake manifold. Fingers crossed. It is a continuous learning process.......... Cheers~ JA
  2. Howdy, I am working on rebuilding a 1972 455 engine to drop into a 1964 frame. We bought an Edelbrock intake manifold and the bolt holes are not lining up. Should we look at making the bolt holes bigger in the intake manifold or would loosening the head bolts give us any additional wiggle room to work with?
  3. 64GoatGirl

    Year of engine

    Thank you! 1972 engine. Cheers
  4. 64GoatGirl

    Year of engine

    Hello, I am working on getting a 64 GTO with a 455 moving, that has been sitting in my parents garage for 25 years. We have taken the main block down to nothing and had it cleaned. New cam, lifters, pistons balanced. But we can’t figure out the year. I think it is between a 71-74 block number 485428. Not sure how to translate B012 8 DN. Any insights would be fantastic. This has definitely been a learning process. Thank you
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