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    Music,Movies,Books. Food & Drinks! Adventure! All kinds of cars & girls. Married for 23 years. 1 snotty kid.Go Pack Go!

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  1. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. 07 Black Betty

      07 Black Betty

      Thanks for the warm welcome,Frosty&Ringo 64! After a 6 month search I bought my G6 Dream Car.07 G6 GT Retractable Roof Convertable. Black on Black  ! The goal was to take my wife out with the top down for ice cream this summer at least one more time as the love of my life is being treated for Stage IV terminal cancer We are both gear heads and if we can get to our little local car show with our top working it would be a goal we have be chasing for over 20 years!


      . Retirement here I come until at the end of summer one day The Top it just stopped working.Major Bummer! Bought 05/17 and thought I had given all the love I could. Fresh Oil change,Transmission Fiilter and New fluid,Struts on all four corners,Duralast Gold Rotors and Duralasr GT Pads all the way around, 5 year Duralast Gold Battery Ect.  Now a note about Kays predictament  Told by a local expert Garage  (self proclaimed) that for fifty bucks they could run diagnostic and repair the problem after 2 hours they proclaimed that service needed "LUBRCATION" and sent me on  down the road until the next Saturday when they told me it would be a additional 2 hours labor @ $110.00 per hour. 

      They kept my G6 until the next Saturday and told me the PROBLEM was.....Wait for it! The dreaded 15815610 made of unobtainium  . When you find the part let us know and we will gladly install it for for a hours labor! How nice $160.00 down the drain with no light at the  end of the tunnel in sight 

      So being a Commercial Driver for the nations largest auto parts store with alot of nice customers. One stepped up and said "Let me take a look at it" We spent and hour ans fifteen minutes to determine that the electrical system for the top,Switchs ECT.  all checked out perfect!


      I suspect Kay"s problem may lie in a false diagnostic  and more than likely another LIAR!! Lets"fling the booger everybody" I suspect these so called experts are in over there heads using the no longer stocked by GM part as a excuse!  Thanks for letting me" blow off some steam" It's back to the drawing board. After "I cool my jets" ROCK ON MILWAUKEE. Thanks Craig


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