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    New Port Richey Florida

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    Ivory White
  1. 20GT02

    Spotted A G6

    it was dark out and i could not see other then what i saw
  2. 20GT02

    Spotted A G6

    I was out at the hess at ridge road and regency park blvd last night getting air in my tires and a slate grey g6 sedan was turning off regency onto ridge going towards 19 it had aftermarket wheels and dark tint. I was wonderig if it was anyone on here.
  3. 20GT02

    The Official Dyno Sheets

    i had a vid from a dyno day of my gt on stock tune i could link that up here. http://www.streetfire.net/video/pete-stop-...1909_708363.htm
  4. 20GT02

    Flordia Rollcall

    theman10584 i'm in new port richey to maybe you've seen my grand prix its a white 4 door with black wheels and orange badges and brakes
  5. 20GT02

    Flordia Rollcall

    soon i have to find out when he's off work and set it up from there.
  6. I'm gonna be going over to my friend brandon's to have him retune my gt and chill so i was wondering if there was anyone else in the area that might want to chill when i go over... it would be an all pontiac car line up a 2002 gp gt a 1997 gp gtp a 2001 gp gtp and maybe a 1999 gp gtp. so just let me know.. and i'll post back when i make plans with him to come over.
  7. 20GT02

    Flordia Rollcall

    Stefalicious Lakeland, FL here. If u dont know where lakeland is its right between Tampa and Orlando. smile.gif I have some boys over there with heavy modded gtp's I have not been around in a while i had a wreck with my gt and did 3 days work of body work over night to get her right.. but she's still ok she also ran a mid 9 in the 1/8 at sunshine i did the math and it's almost a high 14 in the 1/4
  8. 20GT02

    There is hope.

    I read that whole thing and it said nothing about bringing pontiac back or not so i dunno whats up..
  9. 20GT02

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    yes i do like grand prix's thats the only car i will ever own..
  10. 20GT02

    Newb from Ohio

    hell i'm one of the only active grand prix guys here so i know how you feel
  11. 20GT02

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    here's what i have drove from day one 1991 pontiac grand prix se coupe white in color (parts car) 1992 pontiac grand prix se coupe teal blue 1992 pontiac grand prix gtp white in color 1993 pontaic grand prix le Sedan Silver in color 1994 pontaic grand prix se coupe green in color 1995 pontaic grand prix gtp coupe red in color and my pride and joy 2002 pontiac grand prix gt Sports sedan ivory white in color
  12. 20GT02

    Modded Gp Gt Here

    I will when I get time.. Money's tight also right know so its comming.
  13. 20GT02

    Flordia Rollcall

    See Avatar for pic of my grand prix.. If you see it running around honk or something
  14. 20GT02

    Modded Gp Gt Here

    See avatar please its the only decent pic i have right know.
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