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  1. Lees65

    Trouble with blinkers

    Thanks all! It was a bad flasher relay. Turned out that it was not attached to the fuse box, but in close proximity. Just unplugged the two prong relay, and plugged in a new one, and started working again. Really appreciate the help.
  2. Lees65

    Trouble with blinkers

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will do this troubleshooting tonight.
  3. Hello All, I am new to this site, and not sure if I am using the proper etiquette, or posting to the correct forum. So apologies ahead of time if I don't have things straight yet. I have a 65 Catalina 2D HT, and all of a sudden the blinkers stopped working. The interior blinker indicator will come on, but it does not blink. It just stays on. The rear and front blinker lights do the same thing. For example, if put on the left blinker, the green light on the dash illuminates, but just stays on. The left rear turn light comes on, and just stays on. The left front turn light comes on, and just stays on. The same thing happens when I try the right turn signal. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Kind regards, JM Loveland, CO.
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