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  1. Clock won't display

    Would it help to take the radio out & disconnect it & put it back in? The radio works, it's just the display, time & stations, nothing shows up in that window & It's not a problem with the bulb. It's just a matter of getting the display to work.
  2. New Owner

    Thanks. This is one obsession I can happily live with & enjoy. :-)
  3. Clock won't display

    I pulled the fuse to the radio & kept it out for 30 seconds & put it back in. Nothing happened. So, if I disconnect the battery, that would help?
  4. Clock won't display

    I've played the radio so I know that still works. Just bought the car so I don't have any stations saved yet. Will try the fuse idea. Thanks for the advice.
  5. New Owner

    Yea. Check these out.
  6. Hello. Here's my dilemma. I bought my 2000 Grand Am Saturday from the previous owner. Turns out there's a cd stuck in the car's radio. I saw on google about holding in the eject & power button simultaneously for 10 seconds for a force eject. Did this with the car on & off. Now the clock won't display & the cd hasn't come out. Is there a way to get the clock back on & the cd out?
  7. New Owner

    Hi. My name is Jeremy & since Saturday, I've been a new owner of a 2000 Grand Am. So that's what I have. And I love the car. Can't get enough time in it. Has a a few dings, a crack in the rear bumper & a chip out of the panel on the outside of the driver's side door. Other than that, it's in good shape. I absolutely love driving it. Never felt this good about anything I've driven before. Looking forward to getting to know other people here.
  8. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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