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  1. It's funny how you get tunnel vision when trying to solve a running problem. It took all of 5 min for my friend to resolve my problem. What have I learned from this? Take a step back and start with the basics. I found that three of the four Bosch plugs I bought were defective. The ceramic piece was loose and apparently causing spark to arch. I've heard a lot of bad things about Bosch plugs now that I have experienced them I think I will stay away from them! TWO LANE BLACK TOP I truly appreciate the impute. I'm happy to say the car had its first test drive tonight and ran great! I forgot to men
  2. That's great feed back I appreciate the info! I'm mechanically inclined but when it comes to all this computer stuff I'm a bit behind the times. After I finished the engine I installed new Bosch plugs thinking they are new I didn't think they could be a issue. Friend came out to help me and he could hear what he thought was spark arching so I removed cover and sure enough #1 plug was cracked in half. Put in a old one and it started and idled a lot better. I'm going to pick up a new set of NGK plugs tomorrow. I have heard this engine is picky about plugs. What's your thinking on this? NGK doubl
  3. I added a couple pics of the scanner data. It showed the code p0480 and don't remember other number but it said cooling temp sensor the p0480 is #1 fan but I noticed that fuel system 1 has OL can't find a reference for that my thought was Off Line. Also the STFT & LTFT are also part of the fuel system and they are at zero. Are you familiar with any of this info. It may mean nothing I am not familiar with these scanners at all. Thanks for any help
  4. I can't do vacuum leak test cause it is running so poorly. I resolved the rubber o-ring problem one thing I noticed is when the fuel pump primes the system it runs way longer than I've ever heard one run before. I have a 99 Grand am I've been driving for over a year and it primed for just a few seconds. This one probably runs for 10 seconds or more. I have checked for leaks none found. I don't know much about fuel pumps can they leak within themselves causing it to run longer to prime system. I have fuel pressure tester but don't have the stuff to connect to fuel line. I don't understand why t
  5. OK this is were I stand. Pulled codes 7 total all to do with transmission! The rookie that I am forgot to plug in the harness that goes to bellhousing. Now that is taken care of I have no check engine light but still have issues. Friend of mine that turns wrenches for a living said it sounded like a fuel pressure regulator. I know my other Grand am before the spun bearings issue idled like a dream so I pulled fuel regulator and installed. This created a new problem. I now have fuel spraying out of the bottom of the regulator from the return fuel line. This is were I get very frustrated is ther
  6. OK I forgot to mention earlier I had used the IAC valve off the other motor and car would not start at all. Cleaned the original IAC and installed still doing the samething. I thought I had carb/choke cleaner but was all out. I did pull plugs they were brand new and they are black as coal. Definitely running rich! So while I had them out I did a compression test #1 150 #2 160 #3 155 #4 150 pretty happy with that considering I didn't replace pistons and rings that have 170,000 on them. I have check engine light but no scanner so I'm going to buy one tomorrow along with carb/choke cleaner. I w
  7. Thank you for the info! I'm heading out to my garage soon I will update as soon as I get finished. I did remove the IAC valve last night and cleaned it and the passage that the air flows through. They were pretty dirty and the rubber O-ring had been damaged and it was pushed to the very back of the IAC so not sure how much that will effect it but we will find out soon. I didn't have time last night to start her up. Ok off to garage will have feed back after while! Thanks again
  8. I can't say for 100% but I have checked all possibilities that I am aware of. I did a multimeter test on the TPS sensor just a hour ago and it passed with flying colors. Only thing I can think of now is to switch out IAC valve. Im taking one from the other 2.4 I have waiting for a rebuild. Any other possibilities you can think of? What's the best way to confirm there is no vacuum leaks? Thanks for the feed back!
  9. Update now the car starts up idles smooth at a 1000 rpm's for a min or so then drops to 500 rpm's idles rough then dies.
  10. Hello everyone! I purchased a 2000 Grand Am with #1 spun rod bearing. I installed new crankshaft, new rod and main bearings, new oil pump, new water pump and timing components. Flushed all oil passages removed cam housings and lifters to flush out any metal shavings.Lubed and installed lifters and cams back to original positions. When i started it for first time it ran very rough for few seconds then smoothed out then i realized i had a leak from the water pump. That was my fault for not following the correct install procedure. Fixed that issue then restart ran smooth for short time then engin
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